ARIAC: The Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition

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The Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition, ARIAC, addresses a vicious reduction of robots used in industrial environments like bureau floors: they are not as flexible as they need to be. Many robots are not means to fast detect failures, or redeem from those failures. They aren’t means to clarity changes in their sourroundings and cgange their actions accordingly. Programming these robots for even a simplest tasks takes time and effort. Help solve this problem by coding your possess drudge control complement (software) that can outperform everybody else’s in a unnatural environment! Compete to win $17,500 in money prizes and a event to showcase your resolution during a destiny robotics conference.

Timeline for Competition:

  • Registration Open: Now by April
  • Qualifiers: Apr 2 – May 1, 2018
  • Finals: May 11 – 17, 2018


William Flannigan

Craig Schlenoff
Supervisory Mechanical Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Judging Criteria

Overall Performance Score – 80%

Performance Scores will be automatically calculated, common with a Participants, and publicly posted for any Trial during a end of a Finals, as described in a Trial Score Calculation territory of a Official Rules. The initial place Entry will be awarded 80 points, a second place Entry will be endowment 70 points, a third place Entry will be awarded 60 points, and so on.

Novelty and Spirit – 20%

The row of judges will endowment adult to 20 points for Entries that uncover novel approaches to elucidate a lively hurdles and whose approaches are unchanging with a suggestion of a foe of entrance adult with industrially-implementable approaches that will assistance attention make improved use of their robotic platforms. Each Entry is authorised for adult to 20 points, and some-more than one Entry can accept all 20 points (or any other value).

How to Enter

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