Artist Creates Adorable Drawings Imagining What Things Would Say If They Could Talk

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As a child, we had a flattering large imagination. we would mostly consider of ordinary, unfeeling objects as sentient beings and consternation how they’d act if given their possess autonomy.

Artist Teo Zirinis can really relate, as he says he draws impulse from a paltry things that fill the bland lives. He too, imagines what routine objects such as balloons, marshmallows, and even toilet paper would contend if they could talk, bringing them to life in darling illustrations.

“I consternation what it would be like if they had a voice of their own,” Zirinis explained. “What would they contend and how would they correlate with any other?”

Check out some of Zirinis’ creations below, in that he explores those questions with lovable and stupid scenes. Who knew objects led such engaging lives?