Artist Krista Kim’s “Digital Consciousness” Exhibit Hits Toronto During Nuit Blanche

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Photo: bellesnrebelles on Instagram 

Krista Kim’s “Digital Consciousness” art vaunt hits Toronto only in time for Nuit Blanche, and is set to take place during Toronto’s Only One Gallery from Sep 30 to Oct 1. Kim is a Canadian-born artist and also a member of a “techism” movement, that aims to simulate today’s digital age by a combine of complicated creation and art. The name of her collection, “digital consciousness”, embraces record as a middle that unites and intensifies an individual’s perceptions. Kim’s design is singular and relevant, attempting to plea a amicable dynamics of digital record by epitome expressionism.

Expanding a parameters of art, this collection strives to betray a beauty behind a technologies, that are mostly indicted of being “digital distractions.” Kim aesthetically responds to a digitally conditioned society, regulating a LED lights that are frequently lucent from a smartphones and laptops as her primary source of inspiration. She refers to her art as “algorithmic abstraction”, and presents software-manipulated colour gradients to demonstrate a physiological effects of a light resplendent from a devices. The connection of art and record offers a particular viewpoint on a tensions existent in a cyber-society. Overall, a muster claims to consolidate a digital era, by exploring a effects of complicated creation and adaption.