Arvind Kejriwal lauds Modi for surgical strikes, asks him to ‘unmask Pakistan’s fake propaganda’

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Delhi arch apportion Arvind Kejriwal on Monday in a video summary praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a Indian Army for a surgical strikes opposite apprehension launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) opposite a Line of Control (LoC) and warned a PM of “Pakistan’s fake propaganda”.

Arvind Kejriwal praised PM Modi and a Indian Army for a surgical strikes. Screenshot from YouTube video.Arvind Kejriwal praised PM Modi and a Indian Army for a surgical strikes. Screenshot from YouTube video.

Arvind Kejriwal praised PM Modi and a Indian Army for a surgical strikes. Screenshot from YouTube video.

“A few days ago, 19 Indian soldiers were martyred during a Indian borders,” Kejriwal said. “Last week, a army took punish (for a Uri attack) with good aplomb and conducted surgical strikes on apprehension camps opposite a border,” he added.

“There might be differences between me and a Prime Minister over hundred issues. But we salute a primary apportion for a will energy that he has shown in this issue,” he said.

The Delhi arch apportion afterwards warned Modi that Pakistan was enchanting in unwashed politics now.

“But given these surgical strikes took place, Pakistan has turn really agitated. Pakistan has now resorted to unwashed politics,” he said. “For a final dual or 3 days, we have seen that Pakistan has been holding unfamiliar reporters to a limit (with India). It has been perplexing to remonstrate them that a surgical strikes did not take place.”

“Two days ago, a United Nations gave a matter that such activity was not seen during a border. Yesterday, CNN was using a news in that a contributor showed that a Pakistani supervision had taken unfamiliar reporters in a train to a border. And they (the Pakistani government) were perplexing to remonstrate a reporters that zero had taken place during a mark where India claimed surgical strikes had taken place,” Kejriwal said.

“They were perplexing to uncover children personification there and perplexing to execute a normal life there. They were perplexing to uncover that there is no explanation of surgical strikes there,” pronounced a Delhi arch minister. “My blood boiled when we saw that report. There were reports being published by BBC and The New York Times doubt either surgical strikes indeed took place,” he serve said.

“Pakistan is perplexing to repairs India’s repute in a general community,” he said.

“I interest to a primary minister: Unmask Pakistan’s fake promotion like a approach we (Modi) and a army taught Pakistan a doctrine on a ground,” Kejriwal said. “Unmask Pakistan’s groundless try to repairs a repute of India on a tellurian forum.”

“The whole nation is with you. We are with you. we also interest to a people to not tumble for Pakistan’s fake propaganda,” he said.

Kejriwal finished his summary by saying, “Bharat Mata ki jai.”

The Delhi arch minister’s video summary came after India carried out surgical strikes on 7 apprehension launch pads opposite a LoC, with a Army inflicting “significant casualties” on terrorists scheming to penetrate from PoK, days after Modi warned Uri conflict would not go unpunished.

Seven apprehension launch pads opposite a LoC were targeted by a Army on a night of 28 Sep in a scarcely five-hour-long operation during that heli-borne and belligerent army were deployed.

The proclamation of a strikes came 11 days after a conflict by Pakistan-based apprehension outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad on an Indian army stay in Uri in Kashmir, after that Modi had pronounced a enemy will not go “unpunished” and that they will not be forgiven.

Watch Arvind Kejriwal’s full video summary here:

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