As Far As Home Intruders Go, These 30 Are Hands Down The Cutest

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While dogs mostly double as doorbells and confidence guards, a usually pursuit cats have is to loll about though a caring in a world.

Fittingly, a four-legged divas in a lives feel like they can do whatever they damn good please…and they’re mostly right. And it’s unequivocally no tip that when it comes to cats, they select their humans. Not a other approach around. These clingy kitties, for example, are creation themselves during home…whether they indeed live there or not.

1. “Uh…human? Did we get a cat?”

Reddit / ErinRSteward

2. “Well while I’m here, we consider I’ll do some light reading.”

3. She’s on a outward looking in, though not for long.

Reddit / Minty_Fresh1