As If Commuting Wasn’t Bad Enough These Morons Turned The Subway Into A Slip-N-Slide

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I consider it’s a protected arrogance to make that many people take a transport out of preference rather than pleasure. The transport is smelly, packed, and full of stressed-out people hurrying to work.

But when your invert army we to lay between a struggling artist vagrant for change and a male that really should have showered before withdrawal a gym, things couldn’t get most worse…until this male hops into your sight car, during least.

Passengers on Lower Manhattan’s L Train were in for a noisy journey as a hardly clad male hopped aboard and remade a transport automobile into a hulk slip-n-slide. His adoring fans can be seen entertaining him on as a excellent citation of a tellurian being slides down a transport automobile conduct first.

I won’t lie. If we were there, I’d have wanted him to slip right out a door.

Humans…they never stop to dazzle me.