Asian Continental Chess Championship: Ganguly wins silver; bronze for Sethuraman, Vijayalakshmi

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Al Ain (UAE): Grandmaster and former inhabitant champion Surya Shekhar Ganguly brought out his best on a final day to surpass Zhang Zhong of Singapore and cumulative a china award in a Asian continental chess championship that resolved in Al Ain on Tuesday.

Out of a 6 medals during stake, a Indians won 3 with S P Sethuraman winning a bronze in a open while S Vijayalakshmi got a bronze in a women’s territory that was hold simultaneously.

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Ganguly was a star of a day with his white pieces as he worried Zhang Zhong who interestingly started and finished a contest by losing to Indian counterparts. It might be removed that K Rathnakaran had beaten a fanciful Singapore Grandmaster in a opener.

Up opposite a Benoni, Ganguly was in his elements as he eaten a thematic sell scapegoat utterly easily. The additional element did not count for most though a palliate during that a Indian launched a aristocrat side conflict was simply a provide for a chess buffs. Zhong was during sea in a center diversion and mislaid though most ado.

Ganguly matched Grandmaster A R Salem Saleh of UAE on 7 points though a latter had a improved tiebreak with his some-more wins. Saleh won a bullion award in a open territory after settling for a discerning pull with Vidit Gujrathi who hermetic his place in a subsequent universe chess crater by finishing fourth. Sethuraman won a Bronze scripting a excellent quip in a championship. Ganguly, Gujrathi, and M R Lalith Babu were a Indians who competent for a universe crater to be hold subsequent month in Baku, Azerbaijan. Sethuraman is already seeded for a event.

In a women’s territory S Vijayalakshmi ran out of fitness and had to settle for a Bronze notwithstanding starting a final day with a half indicate lead. The Indian, who is on a quip route after a prolonged hiatus, mislaid to Shen Yang of China in a final round.

Mitra Hejazipour of Iran won a bullion in this territory by trait of a improved tiebreak measure than Shen Yang on 7 points. Vijayalakshmi’s tiebreak however was good adequate to secure a bronze.