Attack as defence: There’s not only Rahul 2.0, there’s Robert 2.0 too

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by Ishan Russel

Rahul Gandhi’s peppery conflict on Prime Minister Modi, alleging him of regulating cronies to conflict his family during final week’s Indira Gandhi’s birth anniversary celebrations, shows a noted change in a Congress’ strategy; that conflict is a best form of defence.

While Rahul Gandhi competence be upping a ante opposite a BJP, there is a subtler diversion that is also afoot — that of re-orienting a open notice about Rahul’s argumentative brother-in-law Robert Vadra.

Robert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi in record photos. Getty ImagesRobert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi in record photos. Getty Images

Robert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi in record photos. Getty Images

“The republic wants to know what enchanting indication Robert Vadra has so that Rs 1 lakh becomes Rs 300 crore in reduction than 3 years,” thundered, now Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in a run-up to a 2014 ubiquitous election. It’s a assign mostly steady by BJP leaders and spokespersons in press conferences and TV debates. And it has not helped that Robert Vadra from his “Mango People in a Banana Republic” Facebook criticism to his “Are we serious?!” response to a media query has mostly forced a Congress to urge a indefensible.

Because of Robert Vadra, it’s a initial time given a Bofors fraud that a assign of crime has reached a doorstep of a Congress’ initial family. Charges that are underneath review by SN Dhingra elect in Haryana and by a Rajasthan government.

“It is a diversionary tactic of a BJP to take courtesy to non-issues. The supervision should pronounce about genuine issues,” says Randeep Singh Surjewala, arch orator for a Congress. But initial a AAP and now a BJP have regularly lifted a ‘Jijaji’ and ‘Damaadji’ jibes, milking it for domestic dividend, proof Vadra to be a Congress’ Achilles heel.

Now to quarrel a notice game, a Congress seems to be holding a root out of Prime Minister Modi’s 2014 campaign. That is to conflict to each assign and also emanate support on amicable media. Vadra has also built adult his group a low-key second era Congress members, who are assisting him quarrel this notice battle. So over a past year other than investigations into his land deals, Vadra has been in a news for feeding kids during a Blind School on his birthday, traffic with a explosve shock during Delhi’s Lodhi Garden and assisting out with an accident. There is a chatter hoop @withRV, that is run by ‘fans’ of Robert Vadra, that defends his indicate of perspective on Social Media. This detached from Vadra himself who takes to Facebook each time he wants to make a statement.

On a Bihar elections verdict:

Congratulations to a physical army station together for a change indispensable in a country.This will give wish n uplift a view in a country.My Best wishes.

Posted by Robert Vadra on Saturday, 7 Nov 2015

On an exploration by a Rajasthan government:

They are in supervision and can go to Any partial of a Nation, yet their efforts and investigate will usually find this result…

Posted by Robert Vadra on Friday, 23 Oct 2015

Shailendra Choudhary, a second era Congress personality and an associate of Robert Vadra, says, “The usually choice is to take a conflict to them. There is a misinformation debate stirring to assail a picture of Mr. Robert Vadra quite for domestic vendetta”.

Others espousing alliance to Vadra such as a Poonawalla brothers (the elder worry Tehseen is intent to Vadra’s cousin), burst into TV studios each time Vadra is held in a jam.

And a plan has worked generally in a airfield frisking controversy, yet crime charges and their fallout are a some-more critical affair.

For a prolonged time now, Vadra has been in shade of a family he married into, even publicly disowning his possess family. But it is apparent Vadra wants to settle his possess identity; a businessman ploy seems to have backfired a bit. And he does helper domestic ambitions.

In an talk in 2010, Vadra said, “I can really win (an election) from anywhere yet we am a businessman. Why politics? we should be famous for what we am. There was outrageous direct for me to mount (from Sultanpur) yet we was transparent that it was not my place. we was being famous usually since of a family”. Off a record some in a Congress acknowledge that before 2014 a integrate of surveys were conducted to consider Vadra’s station in Sultanpur, a formula yet simulate in Vadra’s above matter of “being famous usually since of a family.” Another Gandhi family member is now a MP there, yet that’s disloyal cousin Varun Gandhi from a BJP.

Keeping Vadra in a news this mostly yet could harm a BJP in a prolonged run, and it is not helped by statements as done final week by Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar saying, “In 6 months, bootleg land deals of a prior Congress regime would be unprotected and Robert Vadra would be in jail.” The brag is entrance too mostly and though substantiated evidence.

Despite a electoral subjection that she faced post a emergency, Indira Gandhi had bounced behind since of merely being done a plant of domestic fight of a Janata government. “There was a magician hunt, there was a politics of vendetta, commissions were set up, fake cases were foisted on Indira Gandhi, who is a good and a renouned personality of India,” cites comparison Congress personality Anand Sharma.

The Congress hopes that story competence repeat itself with Rahul Gandhi adventurous a primary apportion to take movement opposite him or his family on a day of Indira Gandhi’s birth anniversary, yet afterwards Robert Vadra is no Indira Gandhi.