Austrian GP as it happened: Nico Rosberg wins a competition after overtaking Hamilton on path 1

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Jun 21, 2015

  • 19:31(IST)

    That’s all from me today. See we during a subsequent race!

  • 19:28(IST)

    Gerhard Berger doing lectern interviews called Nico ‘Lewis’ and bruise on live TV. Uh-oh.

  • 19:23(IST)

    FINAL: 1 Rosberg, 2 Hamilton, 3 Massa, 4 Vettel, 5 Bottas, 6 Hulkenberg, 7 Maldonado, 8 Verstappen, 9 Perez, 10 Ricciardo, 11 Nasr, 12 Kvyat, 13 Ericsson, 14 Merhi

  • 19:20(IST)

    This creates it Nico Rosberg’s third win of a deteriorate and second in a quarrel during this track. His 11th career feat and is usually 10 points bashful of Lewis Hamilton during a conduct of a drivers’ standings.

  • 19:16(IST)

  • 19:16(IST)

  • 19:14(IST)

    Nico Rosberg wins a Austrian Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton second! Felipe Massa in 3rd gripping Vettel during bay!

  • 19:13(IST)

  • 19:12(IST)

    Uh-oh Rosberg stating a quivering removing stronger on his front-right tire. He’s got 5 laps to go and a 5s lead.

  • 19:07(IST)

    Vettel is all over a behind of Massa in a competition for third place. Can a Ferrari driver overtake before a finish of a race? 

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Championship personality Lewis Hamilton found a bit of additional speed when it mattered many to secure stick position for Formula One’s Austrian Grand Prix, where a British motorist starts from a front for a seventh time in 8 races this deteriorate and 45th in his career.

After circumference his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg in a fantastic finish to subordinate on Saturday, Hamilton pronounced “when it counted we did what we need to do.”

REUTERS - Monaco Grand Prix 2015REUTERS - Monaco Grand Prix 2015

The fortifying champion left it really late to time a best path of 1 minute, 8.455 seconds to kick Rosberg’s heading symbol by 0.20, and his latest stick put him in all-time equal third place alongside four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, who was third fastest for Ferrari.

“I’d most rather have his championships than a stick positions,” pronounced Hamilton, who is eyeing a third F1 title. “I’m operative on that.”

It also finished a calendar year of poles for Mercedes, who were final beaten to stick here final year by Williams motorist Felipe Massa.

After finishing quickest in a second and third use runs, Vettel was carefree though he competent .355 behind Hamilton, while Massa was .737 adrift in fourth.

Vettel joked that he was perplexing to find new ways to locate Mercedes — right down to changing his song selection.

Asked what he was listening to on his headphones, a 27-year-old German quipped that it was ‘Help’ from a Beatles.

“I need help, they’re too quick,” he said.

After violence Rosberg’s time — though with Rosberg still carrying time for another path — Hamilton went out again with usually one notation left. It went wrong as he sealed his behind tires, camber his automobile behind and flew into gravel.

“Afterwards we was like ‘I’ve substantially mislaid it there,'” Hamilton said. “It was a bad subordinate event for me generally. I’m grateful.”

Rosberg was anticipating to kick Hamilton in subordinate for usually a second time this deteriorate after securing stick during final month’s Spanish GP.

However, carrying left faster in zone two, Rosberg afterwards mislaid it on a final spin of his final lap, veering too far-reaching left and skidding adult a bank before crude in a gravel.

“Maybe it was a small bit soppy or we overdid it there,” Rosberg said. “I knew we had to go for it since it was very, really tighten with Lewis.”

The German motorist looked mad when he climbed out of his car, jolt his conduct in dishonesty before walking behind to a array lane.

“This line is generally really formidable since we have to get a braking right and conflict to get a path time here,” pronounced Rosberg, who had surfaced Q2 forward of Hamilton. “A lot of steam on a tires, so maybe that caused a spin, not so sure.”

Rosberg, who has won dual races this deteriorate to Hamilton’s four, trails him by 17 points overall.

Vettel, who is third overall, still thinks Mercedes has too most in reserve.

“Generally Mercedes seem to be means to spin adult a opening utterly a bit,” he said. “There’s some work for us to do.”

It was a most some-more frustrating day for his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, however, as he unsuccessful to even make a second partial of qualifying, notwithstanding posting a third quickest times in all 3 use runs.

Meanwhile, home fans around a Red Bull Ring in Austria anticipating to see a clever opening were left feeling disappointed.

Both using with new engines, Daniil Kvyat was eighth quickest and Daniel Ricciardo 14th.

They will decrease serve down a grid, carrying both been given 10-place penalties for holding their fifth engines of a deteriorate — one some-more than any motorist is allocated per season.

That is also a box for McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, who were already demoted to a behind of a grid for a new engines and for serve component changes on their energy units.