B.C. Gov’t Will Soon Reward ‘Healthy People’ With Points Via Carrot Rewards Program

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If we live in B.C., you’ll shortly be means to acquire faithfulness points for healthy vital and lifestyle choices we make. The new Carrot Rewards app is set to launch shortly and is meant to inducement Canadians for a healthy lifestyle choices they make. Things like creation improved food choices, sportive daily and quitting use of tobacco will be rewarded.

The Government of Canada reliable a partnering with a Government of British Columbia, Social Change Rewards, a Heart and Stroke Foundation, a Canadian Diabetes Association and YMCA Canada to emanate a National Healthy Living Platform: Carrot Rewards app. Canadians who wish to attend will download a Carrot Rewards app and any time they finish a certain activity associated to healthy living, they’ll accept their choice of faithfulness points.

Carrot Rewards will launch this tumble in B.C. and is approaching to roll-out to other provinces and territories over time.

“We’re creation it rewarding for British Columbians to compensate courtesy to their health. It’s so easy—by downloading a new innovative app and creation small, tolerable lifestyle changes, you’re removing points that take we on a trail to improved health,” pronounced BC Health Minister Terry Lake. “Small stairs can reap large rewards, and one of a best ways to forestall ongoing illness is to be physically active and learn healthy behaviours.”