Bajrangi Bhaijaan Trailer: Typical Salman Khan film with a clarity of deja vu

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There’s always a clarity of loftiness in Salman Khan films, if not anything else. And that’s a one common thing you won’t skip in any of his movies.

When a Bajrangi Bhaijaan teaser expelled a integrate of weeks ago, all we could tell about a film was that Salman is a personification a righteous, common male (yeah, right) who swears to lapse a mislaid lady behind to her home. There were a lot of silhouetted, slo-mo shots in a teaser, as if a story was a large tip that a makers were building adult for.

And now a mostly 3 notation trailer, which was expelled on Thursday afternoon, puts out a whole story of Bajrangi Bhaijaan on a table, and we can’t assistance though feel a clarity of deja-vu.


Screen squeeze from a trailer.

Salman’s plays a kind-hearted, clever saviour, and Kareena is his zesty though elaborate adore interest. Nawazuddin creates an coming usually one and half mins in, and there’s no pointer of him being a villain/nemesis or anything really, according to this trailer. They usually uncover his face to symbol his presence. But of course, it’s Bhai’s film after all.

It seems to be a elementary story: A lady is mislaid in a new city and a mishap has rendered her speechless. Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, or Bajrangi as everybody lovingly calls Salman, finds her and creates it his goal to get her behind home.

Somewhere in a center of all this are a integrate of songs (Selfie le le for one, which we contingency acknowledge is rather catchy) and a budding adore story between Kareena and Salman, best determined by an insinuate stage where they, wait for it, float a cycle together.

However, a landscape that a film travels by is really beautiful. We see shots of desiccated Rajasthan deserts, and a cloudy valleys of Kashmir. The costumes are colorful, and so is Salman’s comic timing. Maybe we’re warming adult to him, though he seems to be removing improved during personification a nonsensical man incited badass hero. All of this is interspersed with a dramatic, shrill credentials measure and slicing visuals of Salman violence adult a bad guys. But of course, it’s Bhai’s film after all.

And that is radically all that we can ascertain from a trailer, over all a analysis. Good or bad, it eventually seems to be a quintessential Salman Khan film. Maybe improved than a Bodyguard or a Ready though who knows? This trailer does zero though applaud Salman Khan, and while that might not indispensably be a bad thing, we won’t be means to judge a film until we watch it.  We can usually wish there’s something new in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Meanwhile, watch a trailer here: