BCCI battle: Srinivasan’s group expected to accommodate in Bengaluru as Thakur looks East

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With a conflict for BCCI President’s post entertainment steam, chaotic parleys and strategy sessions have started with former arch N Srinivasan summoning his loyalists for an “informal gathering” in Bengaluru on Thursday.

It is learnt that around 8 to 9 units will be assembly the ICC authority to plead a roadmap forward of a Special General Body assembly and shortlist a claimant who would replace Jagmohan Dalmiya, who upheld divided final Sunday.

N Srinivasan. GettyN Srinivasan. Getty

N Srinivasan. Getty

“Yes, we have been promulgation feelers to be benefaction in Bengaluru. we will be going there to know what’s there in store for future,” a comparison state section member and Srinivasan loyalist said.

There is a probability that Amitabh Chaudhary, who has emerged as one of a presidential possibilities from a East Zone will be in assemblage along with infancy of South units as good as some of a eastern units.

The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) will however not be benefaction as a state section officials have motionless not to attend any grave or spontaneous assembly compartment Dalmiya’s condolence accommodate is over during a Eden Gardens on Oct 2.

Meanwhile, BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur has also started his back-channel talks with eastern units.

It has been learnt that Thakur has called adult members of few of a eastern section factions to check what’s in their mind as he is pitching for Rajeev Shukla’s name for presidency.

Interestingly, it contingency be removed that Shukla and Jharkhand tip trainer Chaudhary fought a corner secretary’s election during final AGM that a IPL authority lost. Shukla, on his part, was neutral about his chances of being a subsequent boss of BCCI.

“How can we contend anything on this right now? we don’t want to pronounce on it,” Shukla told reporters during a AGM of Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA) in Kanpur.

“The BCCI Secretary will call a General Body meeting. This matter will be motionless in that meeting. Till a time this assembly does not take place, it would not be appropriate to criticism on this,” Shukla added.