Because Of Atmospheric Distortion, The Launch Of This Rocket Looked Like A UFO

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Early yesterday morning, residents nearby Cape Canaveral, Florida, were treated to a peculiar, alien-looking sight. Just before sunrise, NASA launched an Atlas V rocket carrying a new Navy communications satellite into orbit. The launch was timed only ideally for 6:18 am so that a rising object held a rocket’s tail in a right light to emanate a fantastic scene.

The rocket’s tail looked like this from a ground.

The rocket's tail looked like this from a ground.


It’s breathtaking, and utterly alien.

It's breathtaking, and utterly alien.


This video shows a “light plume” function in genuine time.

(via The Verge)

Now that is some good old-fashioned, spooky, and extraordinary scholarship in action. According to NASA, a launch was a finish success. we can’t wait to see what a subsequent early morning rocket launch looks like.