Being Sanjay Nirupam: Bal Thackeray’s blue-eyed child of yore now faces Congress fraud charges

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By Seema Kamdar

A decade after withdrawal a Shiv Sena and after winning a Lok Sabha choosing for a Congress, Sanjay Nirupam still has to infer his certification as a loyalist.
Curiously, this is a predestine of all Bal Thackeray’s favourites who fell out with him and walked over to centrist parties like a Congress and a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Their desertion was encouraged by what they had noticed as greener pastures. Each of them left with stars in their eyes and promises of a bigger future. However, as it turns out, they are still to find their moorings in a new outfits.
In a Sena, Nirupam rose fast to turn a blue-eyed child of Bal Thackeray. He was entrusted with modifying a Hindi dusk publication, ‘Dopahar ka Saamana’ and liaised quietly with a media and vicious people on interest of Thackeray. When inner politics got a improved of him, he quit a Shiv Sena in 2005 to join a Congress.

Sanjay Nirupam. File photo. AFPSanjay Nirupam. File photo. AFP

Sanjay Nirupam. File photo. AFP

His primary emanate was that he was feeling sidelined. However, Nirupam has never felt staid since. To a Congress arrange and file, he is still an outsider. He has had to perpetually contend with celebration heavyweights like Kripashankar Singh, Murli Deora and Gurudas Kamat, who have mostly sealed ranks opposite him. His bent to pronounce his mind, a peculiarity honed in a Shiv Sena, has brought him some-more bad blood. Just when he had begun pessimistic that he would never turn Mumbai Congress chief, his wrestling gambits eventually paid off. Now that he has bagged a post, he is now anticipating to also bag a energy that goes with it, detached from fending off collusive attacks from his challenging opponents.
Charged with fraud – a ultimate impiety in a celebration that essentially finds it strength in faithfulness to a Nehru family – for needing a announcement of an essay vicious of a Nehru dynasty, he appears to have fought his approach right into a wall.
Intriguingly, his predestine is identical to that of his colleagues from a Shiv Sena who have also done a mid-career switch to a Congress or a NCP. If anything, their horoscopes have been some-more checkered than they would have been in a Sena.
The initial pivotal Sena actor to quit Bal Thackeray’s side was Chhagan Bhujbal in 1991. He felt flustered when Thackeray named Manohar Joshi as a celebrity of a antithesis in a legislative assembly. All Thackeray’s pumping had led him to trust he was subsequent usually to Thackeray. He reckoned that improved prospects awaited him outside. For Sharad Pawar, Bhujbal was a large pull as he wanted to diffuse a common notice of NCP as a Maratha celebration and urge a bottom among a OBCs. But once in, Bhujbal not usually never managed to get a much-coveted arch minister’s chair, he had to scratch his approach adult by a fortified second stage to explain a ministership. And when there, he was frequency taken into certainty over any vicious decision.
In one occurrence that is not well-known, a machiavellian Sharad Pawar had to take a step behind given of a inner antithesis to Bhujbal. In 1999, Chhagan Bhujbal was initial sworn in as emissary arch minister. Miffed that his celebration was denied a arch minister’s chair, Pawar destined all NCP ministers to news to Bhujbal instead of Vilasrao Deshmukh. But this time, his skeleton were foiled by his possess people. NCP stalwarts like Ajit Pawar, Jayant Patil and R R Patil refused to news to Bhujbal, an alien in their eyes. They simply abandoned Pawar’s directive. After roughly two-and-half decades, he stays a renegade within his adopted party, that has never offering him any inheritance, usually guardianship.
Each time Bhujbal has been indicted of graft, as in a Maharashtra Sadan case, he has found himself alone. Far from fortifying him, his celebration has walked divided from him, withdrawal him to his fate. He has no supporters in a NCP that he can count on. Fully wakeful of a reduction of his domestic expansion in a NCP, he has mostly mulled combining an OBC party, and has mulled creation accommodating gestures to a Shiv Sena to negotiate a comeback. As he is believed to have told a confidante, he will suffer ‘at slightest some’ prominence in a Sena
Another Sena heavyweight to keep inconstant affinity to a Shiv Sena and have a unhappy existence outward it, is Narayan Rane. A quintessential Sainik and one of Thackeray’s favourite waste rousers, Rane’s iron-cast celebrity does not concede him to warp in a Congress mould.
Yet another aspirant for a arch minister’s post, Rane quit a Sena in 2005 after Uddhav Thackeray’s anointment as a celebration operative president. Initially, he attempted to expostulate a tough discount with Pawar for a emissary arch minister’s post. But Pawar was reluctant to replace a incumbent, R R Patil, and offering him income instead. Rane squirmed and assimilated a Congress. No earlier had he joined, he rocked his vessel by criticising Sonia Gandhi’s care in his standard slam-bang style. It took a competence of a whole executive care and a state care of a celebration to import down on him and force an apology. Ever since, Rane has been steadfastly courtship a high authority and examination his mouth during all times. Unfortunately, nothing of that has helped connect his position in a party.
From a time he swaggered along a corridors of a income taxation dialect in bullion trinket and open shirt buttons as a 20-year-old employee, it has been a prolonged transport for Rane. Always in a throes of usurping a arch ministership, his aspirations have been good reined in, if not throttled, by a Congress. Ironically, a usually time he could turn arch minister, even if for a year and half, was when he was in a Sena.
The one Sena celebrity who has managed to strengthen his territory successfully outward a Sena is Ganesh Naik, though that is maybe also given he has been mostly cramped to Navi Mumbai.
It’s not usually given all these group from a Sena have done wrong moves in their new allegiances that they are always looked on with suspicion. The problem, rather, is simpler. The shoe doesn’t fit. The Congress and a NCP have a vastly opposite enlightenment from that of a Sena. The Sainik is abrasive, upfront and bold while a Congressman is smooth, ease and frequency unceremonious in public. Typically, a Congressman could be plotting to clean out his opposition though there is no approach he won’t cuddle him when they meet. Outspokenness, a approach of life in a Sena, is same to heresy in a Congress. Needless to add, a NCP draws a culture, lock, stock, and barrel, from a celebration it came from.
Unlike Bhujbal and Rane, Nirupam is a stately Sainik. Under him, ‘Dopahar ka Saamna’, a Sena’s Hindi dusk daily, adopted a milder tinge than a central Marathi mouthpiece, ‘Saamna’. However, try as he might, he can't reject his Sena grooming. And therein lies a story.