Benjamin Moore Colour Expert Chats About Summer Paint Trends

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Sharon Grech Headshot

With summer job for pastel shades, a season’s décor only competence leave we longing an present home makeover with a appropriate of a paintbrush. Luckily for homeowners who wish to modernise their walls for Summer 2015, Real Style chatted with Sharon Grech, colour consultant for Benjamin Moore Paints in Canada. Grech shares her best tips for a season’s many renouned paint shades, colour combinations and a colours that are approaching to stay in place for a subsequent few seasons.

Real Style: Which Summer 2015 paint colour trends do we recommend?

Sharon: The ones that are arrange of a summer, and can positively drain into other seasons as good and seem to be new are a glow tones. we know we’ve been examination a tones in conform for a few years, so it was engaging to see how it would interpret into a home. We’re looking during a glow tones, and in a 2015 trends, we have a few of a midst tones- a spirit of a pinkish glow tinge to a white or even a grey side of a glow tones. Another thing for open and summer is that blues and greens are still unequivocally popular. It’s substantially something that’s never going to change, though we’re unequivocally saying a whole spectrum, from a blue to a green. Also, a lot of a unequivocally flattering blue weed colours that are right in a middle, where we’re not certain if it’s a blue or a green. Whether they’re from a some-more vibrant, pleasant side or down to a pastels and even muted.

Just from accessories, I’ve been saying a lot of nautical scenes, that works good with a lot of those colours.

Real Style: Are there any colour combinations that we would also recommend?

Sharon: I put together 3 that we unequivocally like for a opposite stories. The initial dual are rather light, so on that blue immature note. Actually, Benjamin Moore’s Colour of a Year for 2015 is called Guilford Green. It’s a dark green, and it’s sincerely light, though it’s a good gray green. So Guilford Green interconnected with Harbour Fog and Seahorse, that is a yellow though we cruise it some-more on a white side. It’s unequivocally got a lot of yellow in it, though it’s a good uninformed pastel.

That one arrange of shows a progression of a greens, and we consider it can work unequivocally good extraneous or interior. Also on that soothing tone, a glow Soft Sand with a unequivocally good elementary white Chantilly Lace and Patriotic White (which is ironically a unequivocally dark blue). This is a small bit some-more on a pastel side though unequivocally cool. we tend to consider with a summer especially, we tend to like a cooler colours, so I’ve got a blue in all of these. Then for something a small some-more irritable and bolder from a colour perspective, we use Blue Danube and mix that with Halo, that is a somewhat muted, grey white. With a Blue Danube, it plays off as a unequivocally good white.

Then, accent that with a Split Pea, that is arrange of a some-more acidic, stronger immature that we’ve been saying some-more of. That again is some-more of a stronger, fun, some-more contemporary approach of treating a nautical colour scheme. It’s a small some-more brazen for 2015.

Real Style: Which colours are in character now that we also predict being in character for a subsequent dual to 3 years?

Sharon: A lot of a colours, generally in my universe in paint and home décor, we don’t tend to change a colours as drastically as we competence with a fashion. The blues and greens, we would contend that we’ve been saying them for a few years now, and we don’t unequivocally see any pointer of them disappearing. Looking during one of my colleagues, we fitness out and get to go to during slightest one European trade show, like a home furnishings show. My co-worker only came behind from Milan and we were articulate about going by some photographs today, and saw a delay of a lot of a blues and greens. That was unequivocally a mainstay, and they get total a small bit differently. The blues and greens, and how they mix unequivocally good with a grey as a neutral, it’s still around and doesn’t unequivocally uncover any signs of disintegrating too soon.

One of a trends that we called out for 2015 is a bit some-more on a berry side. Funnily enough, when Marsala came out (the Pantone colour), we suspicion it was engaging since we were a bit some-more on a purple side and still arrange of in that red family. we consider those purple tones, rich, arrange of jam-packed colours, are substantially going to start again. We’ve been unequivocally light for a while, though we’re starting to see things some-more jam-packed going into a subsequent integrate of years (whether it ends adult being some-more of an accent or we are going to start putting some darker colours on large areas again).

The accent is a bit of change of black. We like to see black, though maybe for some people it’s too harsh, so we’re going with a purple black or a blue, sable black. That’s a thing. We’ll start and see how it goes into a subsequent few years, though a blues and greens are safe.