Bergen Airport to Leverage BlipTrack Technology to Eliminate Wait Time Guesswork and Improve Passenger Experience

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Bergen Airport, Norway´s second busiest with over 6 million passengers annually, has adopted a BlipTrack reserve government resolution to accurately magnitude and envision how many people are station in line and for how long. The detailed, minute-by-minute measurements and prophecy insights will assistance a airfield to softened approve with use turn agreements and minimise reserve rave in, to safeguard that passengers have an best airfield experience.

“We wish to make travelling easier for a passengers. The doing of BlipTrack will assistance to safeguard that passengers knowledge a discerning and easy thoroughfare by this theatre of a journey, and significantly boost a event for a certain knowledge via a airport,” says Øystein Skaar, Airport Director during Bergen Airport.

BlipTrack will yield a airport, that recently opened a new depot with ability for adult to 10 million passengers a year, with both live and experimental information insights on newcomer reserve and dwell times. It will capacitate a airfield to guard reserve line firmness during a confidence checkpoint, permitting government to respond soon and effectively to strange operations and disruptions, for instance by opening additional lines. In addition, a airfield skeleton to share a wait time information with a passengers, as in Oslo Airport, that will revoke highlight levels compared with queuing by formulating picturesque expectations.

“With a new designation during Bergen Airport, BlipTrack has proven to be an effective height to yield prominence on apparatus efficacy for larger estimate potency and softened newcomer experience. We demeanour brazen to stability to be partial of Avinor´s ongoing devise in carrying Europe’s many on-going and service-minded airports,” says Preben Andersen, Sales Manager during BLIP Systems.

The resolution during Bergen will include of Wi-Fi device-detecting sensors, that will be placed around a confidence process. By identifying a inclination as they pass mixed sensors, specific and accurate statistical information, such as reserve times, dwell times and transformation patterns, becomes available, but requiring active communication from passengers.

Bergen Airport is not a usually one ensuring that passengers will knowledge hassle-free passage; some-more than 25 general airports are reaping a advantages of a BlipTrack technology, including New York, Dublin, Cincinnati, Dublin, Birmingham, Brussels and Geneva. The resolution is not usually cramped to airports, it is also employed in highway trade optimisation efforts in Bangkok, Zürich, Portsmouth, Port of Dover, Stockholm and Aarhus. In new years, is has even been rolled out in sight stations, ski resorts, entertainment parks and during events all over a world.


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