Beware! Without Either Gold Or Silver, You Will Be Greeced

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Beware! Without Either Gold Or Silver, You Will Be Greeced

Beware! Without Either Gold Or Silver, You Will Be Greeced

Step behind for a impulse and catch what usually transpired in a ongoing Greek tragedy that refuses to go away.  Greece, with no luck of ever repaying a fictitious debts to a EU, and a EU, in all of a fervour and avarice, for no knowledge is to be found within that physique of elite-pushing bureaucrats, it dynamic that a best and ONLY resolution for debt-laden Greece was to LOAN MORE “MONEY.”

Need anything some-more be pronounced about what is going on in European politics?

In a genuine world, if we can't repay your debt[s], your automobile is repossessed, your residence undergoes foreclosure, we can't get credit, your credit cards get canceled, your debt-burdened donkey is hauled into court, mostly times, your family falls apart, etc, etc, etc.  Not so for Greece.  She gets offering even some-more debt from her creditors.  Only in politics.

We lonesome this belligerent before:  Greece was loaned zero of value.  Nothing.  Just fictitious digitalized numbers combined during a whims [actually a eloquent instruction of a elite’s bankers] of a IMF/EU, [off by one letter, a “E” should have been an “F” to some-more accurately report what happens to a populations of member countries].  Now a bankers wish to be repaid  in tangibles, like a nation of Greece itself, a Greek banks, and whatever else can be siphoned from a economically damaged backs of a trusting Greek people.

Where will a billions of new loaned  money to Greece go?  Not to a people, not to rebuilding Greece.  It will be recycled behind to a creditors to keep a masquerade of bank solvency alive.  This is a fun that is not laughable.

Lend nothing, take behind all not nailed down.  It has been a Rothschild regulation for centuries.

Pay attention.  We have pronounced this before: a elites and their bankers take no prisoners.  They could caring reduction about people.  All a elites caring about is holding sum control of a currencies of each nation in sequence to pierce that nation to a financial knees and totally beholding to a dictates of a moneychangers.

The obvious, unstated and maybe neglected indicate is a a Euro banking is a sum fiat totally tranquil by a bankers.  Hello, Europe?!  The solitary purpose of a EU is to indenture all Europeans.  Is everybody preoccupied to a obvious?

All politicians are fibbing whores, with apologies to whores for creation a connection. Tsipras usually sole out a Greek people to a understanding worse than a one primarily presented months ago, and some-more importantly, conflicting a referendum reason to opinion no for a EU’s [mostly chosen sell-out Merkel and Germany] purgation program.

Greek banks closed, [the elite’s approach of forcing people into financially destroyed situations to get what they want].  People who stupidly still kept their income in a elite’s banking complement were denied entrance to what they suspicion was theirs.  Two lessons: people who keep income in any bank anywhere in a universe are now deliberate creditors, not depositors, and we can, and will be denied entrance to what we “believe” to be your supports during a dictates of a bankers.  Secondly, anything people keep in a form of paper, or worse, digitalized entries on their accounts, are finding a loyal “value” of paper. [None.]

Those who had bullion or silver were means to use their possess form of resources to acquire whatever they needed, presumption equipment were available, and some-more is accessible when bullion or china is a basement for a transaction, nonetheless alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, even sex promote trade exchanges.

If we have no bullion or silver, we will be “Greeced,” “Cyprused,” financially screwed for not holding shortcoming for your possess mercantile future.  Those who already possess possibly or both bullion and china know this, [but still protest about a paper cost stability to decline.]

Precious metals have always been a store of value and always will be.  One of a categorical reasons for FDR’s Executive Order for US “persons” to spin in their bullion was to frame people from being eccentric of a government.  Those who had bullion or silver did not need to be reliant on a supervision for their mercantile needs.  Take divided their many arguable form of wealth, surrogate it for fiat paper, and now people had to rest on a supervision to survive.  To counterfeit Chuck Colson, Nixon’s aide, “When  you have them by a financial balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

That was a devise all along, starting from when a Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was enforced on a nation by a unfamiliar banking elites.  First, benefit control of a distribution of a nation’s currency, [again, a classical Rothschild formula] afterwards a rest falls into place: control of a government, control of business sectors, and a media.  The open hears usually what a elites wish them to hear and [falsely] believe.

We have mentioned Agenda 21 several times and always exhorted people to take some time and investigate what this guileful UN-sponsored bulletin is all about.  In a bulb shell, Agenda 21 is a UN takeover of all internal governments in sequence to corral a masses in whichever instruction a UN decides.  One of those directions is to eventually forestall people from owning their possess land, H2O rights, etc…total enslavement.

Here is a tiny example.  In 1998, the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks approached internal county commissioners to convince them with a offer to concur in pushing farming residents out of a Montana panorama into cities.  Why?  People in farming areas were flattering self-reliant, as a matter of necessity.  These people have no need for supervision support and would rarely resent and conflict any supervision interference.  If a supervision could get people some-more mainly located, people can be some-more simply controlled.

The point, over a apparent deceit?  This is an Agenda 21 scheme, and we are articulate about 1998, in a clearly harmless location, frugally populated Montana.  Note that a same bulletin is being plied via a United States.  It is a bit like a 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  One thing is certain, a elites are holding sum control of we and your life right underneath your unobserving noses.

Read a brief though ominous essay by Joshua Krause, Agenda 21 Under A New Name, from that a above comes.

The incomparable indicate to be done is for those who are myopically focused on a stream cost for bullion or silver, all of a news-related stories about how many bullion China owns, how many coins are being bought in record quantities, etc, etc, stories everybody has listened for a past 3 years, that concentration is grossly misplaced.

First Cyprus, now Greece, and it will not stop there.  The whole hurtful Western banking complement is bankrupt, a fact few people are peaceful to accept.  The whole Western banking complement is corrupt.  PMs people have a larger appreciation for that steady statement, though many people simply can't sense a weight of that situation.

The cost for bullion and china is being artificially and purposefully suppressed by executive bankers.  The Western universe is descending detached during a fiat financial seams, and those in control will review to whatever means required to sojourn in control, evidenced by a constant substitute wars and Middle East disruptions started by a US.  A Third World War can't be taken out of a equation as a bankers are scrambling for their miserly lives, hidden as many resources from people as possible.

That is where everyone’s primary regard would be well-served to know and ceaselessly be wakeful of what is going on, since when this banker-created financial disaster comes to it contemptible end, and it can't be avoided, owning and physically holding/controlling gold or silver will be one of a best means of flourishing financially.

How and when things unfold, no one knows.  All one can do is to be sensitive and prepared, and of a two, being prepared is some-more critical than being informed.

Charts next…

For as prolonged as a corporate sovereign supervision can keep a neglected “dollar” relocating higher, it is an good barometer for a conflicting instruction of bullion and silver.  Chart comments flattering many cover a distinct features.

DX W 18 Jul 15

NMT = Needs More Time.  Gold continues a decrease in a snail-like fashion, notwithstanding a apparent dictated assaults  to expostulate cost lower.  Those efforts continue to succeed, though it appears with dwindling effect.

Last week, we commented there was tiny reason because bullion could not go lower, and it did. The same still relates until there is some pointer of finale activity.

GC W 18 Jul 15

In further to a draft comments, Friday’s tighten overwhelmed a reduce channel line, and that puts bullion in an oversold condition.  We dive to add, oversold really mostly becomes moreoversold, so it should not be taken as a intensity trade from a prolonged side.  You will see how china reached an oversold condition.  While bullion is clearly in a identical position, it does not meant it will conflict in a identical manner, a mistake too many make in reading charts.

Every conditions is unique, regardless of any past identical formations.

GC D 18 Jul 15

Just as we cautioned to obverse how bullion reacts to a usually violation an apparent support area, a same binds here. Gold or silver can pierce sideways, continue lower, or convene in response to damaged support.  The comprehensive lowest luck is a convene behind over support that can hold.

SI W 18 Jul 15

“A” is a far-reaching operation down bar on neatly aloft volume.  Last week, we mentioned how a daily draft was not really enlivening for a postulated rally.  That finish was done from simply reading building marketplace activity conveying a message.  Note how it took 4 TDs to retrace a one-day decline, “A.”   The palliate of transformation is to a downside, and liberation rallies are some-more labored.  Plus, a tiny operation of a convene into a prior Friday, 5 bars ago, a 4 day “B” rally, was an apparent denote that shopping was weak, differently a operation would have extended higher.

At “C,” we see a negligence of a decrease as it retests a low area during “D.”  Friday’s tiny operation is a conflicting of a tiny operation convene bar, usually described.  Plus, Friday’s operation mostly overlapped a prior bar, display reduction palliate of downward movement.  Despite these intensity caveats, a many critical cause is a prevalent trend, down.

You can also see when “D” developed, it reached an oversold condition identical to what was described on a daily bullion chart.  An apparent reason because bullion might not reason as china did is seen in how china is holding in a center of a down channel, where bullion was simply underneath a center of a down channel, creation bullion comparatively weaker in character, given a dual similarities.

The trend for both metals stays down, and from a final dual lines to Ode On A Grecian Urn:

“Beauty is Truth, law beauty,—–that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

SI D 18 Jul 15



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