‘Beyond a Mirage’ Water Documentary Wins Regional Emmy

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“Beyond a Mirage: The Future of Water in a West” perceived tip honors in a accepted documentary difficulty during a new Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards in Phoenix. Filmed and constructed by a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ communications and cyber technologies dialect during a University of Arizona, a documentary initial aired on Arizona Public Media in Apr 2016.

“We knew we had done a good film and an critical film, though when we watched a other entries in a category, we satisfied how unbending a foe was going to be. It was pins and needles until a large impulse — and afterwards flattering surreal to be adult onstage usurpation an Emmy,” pronounced Cody Sheehy, writer and group personality of “Beyond a Mirage.”

Two years in a making, a documentary explores new technologies and hurdles aged ideas by interwoven stories that bond a Colorado snowpack to a lights of Las Vegas. It presents a hurdles confronting — and a foe involving — a dried cities of Arizona, California and Nevada, and it introduces intensity solutions being grown in Israel and China.

With a credentials in a sciences, Sheehy accepted how critical it would be to partner with H2O experts, such as Sharon Megdal, executive of Arizona’s Water Resources Research Center, or WRRC, on building a storyline for “Beyond a Mirage.”

Projections uncover that within a subsequent 25 to 30 years there will be a 1.2 million acre-feet opening in Arizona’s H2O supply. The pairing of overpumping groundwater and overallocating stream reserve has put a Southwest in a unsafe position. As Arizona looks into a future, there is not adequate H2O to cover a needs of a flourishing population, cultivation and industry.

Megdal and her staff — Susanna Eden, Kerry Schwartz and Ashley Hullinger — supposing Sheehy with large amounts of information and a list of some-more than 60 H2O experts to interview, including UA researchers Robert GlennonGregg Garfin, Connie Woodhouse and Mike Crimmins. The WRRC group also fact-checked all of Sheehy’s calm to make certain that it was stream and scientifically accurate.

“We done an bid to be severe with a facts,” Eden said. “It was a plea to change that and to never remove steer of a fact that ‘Beyond a Mirage’ had to be enchanting and engaging.”

WRRC also helped secure appropriation for a plan by heading an bid to request for a $100,000 New Arizona Prize, Water Consciousness Challenge. Sponsored by a Arizona Community Foundation, a esteem is directed during lifting H2O recognition in Arizona. The “Beyond a Mirage” group was awarded a esteem in Apr 2015.

The filming of “Beyond a Mirage” also desirous growth of a new amicable storytelling technology, Filmstacker. Licensed by Tech Launch Arizona, Filmstacker allows any H2O stakeholder to adjust a “Beyond a Mirage” storyline formed on their choices. Users also can find calm that matches their village and simply revise those clips into brief films for sharing. According to Sheehy, Filmstacker “takes a creativity of filmmaking and creates it a amicable knowledge for a initial time.”

“We are stability to investigate and rise this record for use in industries such as media, events and tourism, and we also prognosticate it being implemented in amicable impact and charge storytelling,” Sheehy says. “That said, it has always been a passion to see this record strech a full potential, where anyone can upload their possess calm and brew it with everybody else’s — loyal collaborative filmmaking. That’s when it will get unequivocally exciting.”

The Rocky Mountain Emmys are a multiplication of a National Academy of Television Arts Sciences. This year’s Emmys were attended by veteran filmmakers, radio executives and guest from opposite Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and tools of California.

Source: University of Arizona

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