Bigg Boss 10 Episode 23, 8 Nov 2016 created update: No some-more malik, sevaks; all contestants merge

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After a day of full of sacrifices, Bani, Rohan, Monalisa, Nitibha and Gaurav find themselves secure from this week’s nominations though a assign gets worse on a second day heading to some-more formidable sacrifices to make. And, imprinting a emergence of a new day, a housemates arise adult dancing to a tunes of a strain ‘Telephone dhun mein hasne wali all prepared for a subsequent leg of a nominations task. Om Swami is seen dancing in a tip chateau while relating stairs with Mona Lisa in a house. Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani seem to be fastening large time, they are speckled carrying a review about Gaurav’s matrimony and how his matrimonial form will review like. As Gaurav describes a lady of his dreams according to his mother, Bani is incompetent to reason on to her laughter.

As a second turn of a nominations assign continues, Manu picks adult a phone and is ordered by Bigg Boss to remonstrate Manveer to trim off his beard.  Quite possessive about his beard, Manveer requests Bigg Boss if he can do something else rather than shred off a beard.  On bargain that Manveer has invested 9 months in flourishing his brave and considers it to be a propitious charm, Manu  tells him that he is prepared to get nominated if Manveer is not peaceful to do a task. This leaves Manveer in a confused state of mind and he decides to give it a second thought. But eventually he saves his crony from removing nominated.

Bigg Boss partnership  (3) (1)Bigg Boss partnership  (3) (1)

The Bigg Boss 10 contestants.

Furthermore, creation Manveer’s life even some-more difficult, Manu nominates him to lay on a bench next. In sequence to save himself, Manveer has to remonstrate Rohan to dress adult like a lady and stay in a clothe until Bigg Boss’s serve notice. Knowing a fact that Rohan will never determine to do cranky dress to save Manveer, he comes adult with a plan and decides to manipulate Lopa instead. He calls Lopa and Rohan and tells them  that possibly Lopa  needs to destroy her makeup or Rohan  needs to dress adult like a girl. Rohan tells Manveer that he would take a preference after he sees a full attire. Next in line is Karan who is asked to remonstrate Lokesh to commission herself and give adult on a possibility to get protected from nominations. Karan puts Lokesh in a repair and one thing leads to a other when Lokesh ends adult holding a wrong preference due to some difficulty in bargain a task.

Later in a day, Navin takes on a chair and is asked to remonstrate Nitibha to give divided her make adult for a whole season.  Navin honeyed talks Nitibha into sacrificing her makeup and ensures that he would get Lopa and Bani to share makeup with her.  Bani narrates a whole review to a celebrities. However, Lopa goes and tells Navin a totally opposite chronicle and says that Bani claims that Navin would take Lopa and Bani’s make-up for Nitibha. Navin confronts Bani and they both get into a quarrel and even play abuses during any other, all interjection to Lopa’s misunderstanding. Bani feels targeted and tries to explain her mount though fails to do so. She serve lashes out during Lopa for putting her in a bad mark and they both have an argument. Subsequently, Bani and Mona have a showdown when Bani tells Mona to leave a area where she and Gaurav were chatting.

Further, Gaurav is seen advising Bani to share her problems with a associate housemates and equivocate gnawing during everyone. While Bani listens to him patiently, she breaks down and tells him that this is her loyal side and she prefers to be left by herself to understanding with her problems. With a contestants’ friendships and relations put to test, Manveer, Rahul, Lokesh and Navin eventually get nominated for this week’s eviction.

Ending on a thespian note, Bigg Boss announces a partnership of a dual teams – celebrities and commoners. Henceforth, there are no ‘maliks’ and ‘sevaks’ and a new energetic has been set in motion. Three weeks ago, a contestants entered a Bigg Boss chateau in dual teams,  celebrities and Indiawale (commoners). They were serve divided into sevaks and maliks. The maliks had a payoff to gets all a work they wanted finished by a sevaks. Bigg Boss goes on to state that 22 days later none of them are different and hence Bigg Boss has finished divided with a labels and from now on they will be regarded simply as housemates. There will be no some-more sevaks- maliks or celebrities-Indiawale. This partnership has garnered churned reactions from a chateau and is really going to emanate tragedy in a Bigg Boss House. While a multiplication existed, a sevaks were in assign of housekeeping and cooking for a housemates while a maliks rested. With no specific organisation obliged for a chores, it will be engaging to see who takes adult a beginning to demeanour after a house.