Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 7, 23 Oct 2016: Priyanka Jagga evicted; ‘Indiawale’ breakdown

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After securing commoner Manu Punjabi from nominations on Saturday 22 October, we witnessed a initial rejecting of this season. Towards a finish of a show, Salman announced a name of a evicted competitor that sent startle waves among a inmates from both a parties.  Rumours about Priyanka Jagga’s ouster turns out to be loyal and Priyanka’s group members were worst influenced with many of them violation into tears; and were seen pathetic uncontrollably while holding any other. But yes, there could be another turn in a subsequent few days.

priyanka jagga_380 (2)priyanka jagga_380 (2)

Salman non-stop a Sunday part with an electrifying opening on his renouned series ‘440 Volt‘ from Sultan. He serve shows a housemates some humorous cinema of Om Swami and asks them to theory what’s function in these photos. The practice takes a hilarious turn when Salman asks Jagga (who apparently teaches American accent in an hospital in Delhi), to learn Om Swami and Lokesh speak in American accent.

Salman says that there are so many gifted people in a residence that a uncover could be simply named as ‘Bigg Boss Got Talent’. He asks Nithibha to sing a strain and she sings ‘Pehla Nasha‘ for Karan Mehra as he and his mother adore this song.  The contestants are afterwards asked to arrange any other on a basement of their recognition that leads to some exhilarated fight of words. Om Swami and Priyanka were specifically not really gratified deliberation they were ranked final in a task.

Priyanka Jagga says that she should be No. 1 in a Bigg Boss residence as she won a charge final week. Bigg Boss contestants ranked any other according to popularity. Swami stood final in a ranking, since Rahul Dev stood during a initial mark in a recognition task. Salman clarifies that a charge was to arrange contestants in terms of opening of final week spent in a house. Gaurav Chopra reads a order book of a ranking charge again to explain a misunderstanding.

It’s a initial weekend of Bigg Boss 10  and a contestants had a face-off with Salman, who is clearly unfortunate with their performance, “non-involvement” in tasks and a bit detached  behaviour of a celebrities. He was many pissed during commoners Om Swami and Priyanka since of their bold and shrill poise inside a house. However, a part had a humorous moments with Salman imitating a really rare character of Lokesh Kumari Sharma’s approach of talking. She has positively tender a horde with her humorous antics.

And enter former Bigg Boss contestant, Kamya Punjabi, who grills a housemates and gives them some tips and recommendation as good to sojourn in tip form. Salman gives a hide look of a ranking charge to Kamya and asks her opinion on how a contestants are conducting themselves inside a house. The former competitor afterwards interacts with a housemates. She mentions that while commoners are personification a diversion smartly, celebrities were distant behind and not display efforts in behaving a tasks.  She says that no matter what, commoners are doing something during slightest to make their space. She adds that a assembly have a lot of expectations from a celebrities, though they are unwell to strike a change while a common folk are on a winning streak.

While she lauds Priyanka for her implausible opening in a rocking equine task, she criticizes Bani for underneath behaving and giving adult on a task. However, Bani gives her possess reasons for giving up. Just like Salman, Kamya is also tender with Lokesh and tells her that people outward are amatory her and even duplicating her character of talking. Among celebrities, Kamya praises Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra for holding a mount over matters while she feels that other celebrities like VJ Bani, Gaurav Chopra and Rahul Dev were personification safe.

Some of Kamya’s hard-hitting statements do not go down good with Om Swami ensuing into an evidence between him and Lopamudra. The evidence gets so heated that Lopamudra asks him to “get lost”. Salman is super tender with Lopamudra and applauds her for holding a clever mount opposite Om Swami.

In a first, Salman conducts ‘Salman Ki Sabha’ with commoners on a row consisting of a train driver, conform designer, housewife and a counsel from opposite cities who correlate with Salman and give their viewpoint on the performance of a contestants in a house. They feel that while a commoners are outshining celebrities and giving them a unbending competition, celebrities need to remove their inhibitions and strike a bond with the common folk of a house. However, they regard Karan Mehra and Rohan for their opening so far.

Towards a finish of a episode, Salman finally announces a name of this week’s evicted contestant. Priyanka is shown a exit door, however, it’s listened that Priyanka will be behind in a uncover shortly and that her rejecting competence only be a antic by a makers. Her teammate Manu is listened observant that Priyanka will be behind on a show. Not startling during all since contestants doing her kind of antics and aggressiveness advantage a show.

While a celebrities glory on Priyanka’s eviction as one can see from their mood, they unexpected turn really chatty,  commoners Navin Prakash and Manu Punjabi are seen great in a washroom area after behest adieu to Priyanka. Besides blank her, they maybe feel that they are left though an anchor who saved them time and again quite by tasks.

Priyanka comes out of a residence and interacts with Salman, who asks her that what could have left wrong that she was voted out notwithstanding personification a diversion so well. And she admits that she went overboard in only to get beheld by a viewers. “Nobody in a residence took a mount besides me, though afterwards yes, it’s formidable to know a diversion from outside. It’s a totally opposite unfolding when we are inside,” she says. Well, we can't determine some-more with her.