Bihar Elections: For votes, netas remember successful author ‘Renu’, aim his standing members

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Netas in Bihar seem to have grown a remarkable adore for literature. Ask why? It’s about votes, silly. In a Forbesganj subdivision all of them are bustling singing paeans to Phanishwar Nath ‘Renu’, one of a many successful writers of complicated Hindi novel in a post-Premchand era. The chair goes to polls on 5 November.

The leaders are invoking his standing to woo ‘Dhanuk’ voters, of whom there are around 30,000 in a public constituency. Renu was a ‘Dhanuk’, one of a sub-castes of ‘Mandal’ (also famous as Kurmi), a vital voting retard in Bihar. As many as 12 contestants are opposed for foster of a group.

Renu’s son Padam Parag Rai Venu, a sitting Forbesganj MLA, said, “We are a healthy petitioner of Dhanuk votes since my father belonged to a caste. His work and achievements have given a reason for ‘Dhanuks’ to reason their heads high in a society. He is still regarded with bend and his name unites a community.”

Though Venu is not contesting a polls this time, he is operative unequivocally tough to safeguard that Dhanuks opinion en-bloc for a Mahagathbandhan (JDU-RJD-Congress grand alliance). A former BJP leader, he switched over to a Nitish-led celebration brazen of polls when a celebration motionless not to domain him in this year’s elections. As a Forbesganj chair went to a RJD, he was left with no choice though to debate for a RJD hopeful Krityanand Biswas (commonly famous as KN Biswas), a renouned lawyer-turned-politician who is also a Mandal by caste. The grand fondness hopes that being a son of Renu and also a internal authority Venu can pitch Mandal electorate in a favour.

Image courtesy: Tarique Anwar/FirstpostImage courtesy: Tarique Anwar/Firstpost

A residence in Renu’s encampment Forbesganj in Bihar: Image courtesy: Tarique Anwar/Firstpost

“My father was unapproachable to be innate a Dhanuk. Though he did not use Mandal as surname, he never secluded his caste. He had a tattoo on his left palm that pronounced that he was a Dhanuk. My associate standing members opinion a approach Renu family votes since they reason him in high regard,” a personality serve added.

Ironically, a leaders are not meddlesome in Renu’s literary works such as Maila Anchal –regarded as a many poignant Hindi novel after Premchand’s Godaan, Aanchalik Upanyas – a amicable novel best famous for compelling a voice of a contemporary farming India by depicting a life, generally that of a back and a deprived, and brief story Maare Gaye Gulfam – that was blending into Raj Kapoor-starrer Teesri Kasam. They are usually penetrating on exploiting his caste.
The BJP, that claims to find votes on development, is bustling courtship a standing like never before. Its hopeful Vidyasagar Keshri, who is a vaishya by caste, has taken several Dhanuk leaders on his side. When he visits Aurahi Hinga, Renu’s village, he is accompanied by internal Dhanuk leaders. This is to safeguard that his son does not run divided with a vital cube of votes.

“Renu always wrote opposite amicable evils and wanted a society, generally a backwards, to develop. The BJP shares a same ideology. Unlike his possess son, we are not regulating Renu’s caste. We wish to take brazen his quarrel opposite amicable evils and backwardness. That is since we wish Dhanuks and each other standing to chose a BJP and support Narendra Modi’s thought of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ (together with all, growth for all). And we am certain we will get their support,” Keshri said.

Renu’s nephew Manvendra Kumar is also unhappy with a BJP for denying sheet to Venu though he feels unhappy when a remarkable litterateur is dragged into a standing mess. “It is unequivocally hapless that instead of articulate about growth and preserving Renu’s legacy, domestic parties are regulating his name to solve standing equation,” he pronounced while display this contributor Renu’s investigate room during his encampment underneath Simraha military station.

Baring a statue, a embankment and encampment named after Renu, zero estimable has been finished to take Renu’s bequest forward. The area has no library. A museum has recently been inaugurated though it stays sealed for people in general. Little has been finished for a electorate here.

Asked about a winning chances of a candidates, a proprietor of a encampment who kindly refused to be named, pronounced whosoever solves a standing arithmetic here will emerge as leader since Muslim electorate are separate among RJD’s Biswas and Zakir Anwar alias Zakir Hussain Khan of Pappu Yadav’s Jan Adhikar Party (JAP).

Another proprietor intervened, saying, “The BJP claimant has to put adult with insurgent workers as they vented their annoy over rejection of sheet to a sitting celebration MLA here.”

In a 2010 public polls, Venu had degraded Maya Nand Thakur of a Lok Janashakti Party (LJP) by a domain of 26,827 votes. He had perceived 70,463 votes. The chair had left to a BJP in 1990 and 1995 as good when Maya Nand Thakur had purebred feat by bagging 43,636 votes.