Bihar polls: Nitish’s copycat plan fools no one; Lalu might be usually gainer

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By Neha Srivastava

Phir ek baar, Nitish Sarkar? Really?

As many as Nitish Kumar seems to hatred Narendra Modi, he seems really many in astonishment of him. His whole Bihar debate sounds like a CO duplicate of  Modi’s 2014 campaign. What Nitish Kumar doesn’t realize is that a memory of a 2014 choosing is approach too uninformed for this. From “Parche pe Charcha” that reminds we of “Chai Pe Charcha” to “Ghar Ghar Dastak” that reminds we of “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi”, he appears to be duplicating each fact from a Modi campaign. “Phir ek baar, Nitish Sarkar” is not too opposite from “Ab ki Baar, Modi Sarkar.”

There is even a “Munna se Nitish” comic book entrance out, that sounds like a duplicate of “Bal Narendra”, an illustrated book that lonesome Narendra Modi’s childhood. Even a “Bihari DNA” debate is suggestive of a “Gujarati Asmita” debate of Modi in 2007. Finally, Nitish Kumar’s rallies seem to have acquired names usually like Modi’s. Imitation competence be a best form of flattery, for sure, though we wish Nitish realises that fabrication usually creates reproduction artists, not Van Goghs.

But, on a some-more critical note, one wonders what happened to Nitish Kumar? An means administrator, Nitish fake a grand JDU-BJP fondness and together they were means to broach “Sushasan” (good governance) in Bihar. Every Bihari can relate how those days tangible “Achche Din,” generally after Lalu Prasad Yadav’s preceding tenures. Everything was operative good until Nitish Kumar started a really open debate opposite Narendra Modi. From avoiding him during cooking to espousing Ishrat Jahan’s means as “Bihar ki Beti”, Nitish’s dislike for Modi was no secret. In a way, Nitish should be given credit for recognising Modi’s intensity many before anyone else and it creates clarity that he saw a space for himself as a non-Congress choice opposite Modi, generally given a latter’s really “Hindutva” credentials.

PTI image.PTI image.

PTI image.

But then, what went wrong? Pretty many everything, one can say. Modi’s recognition kept flourishing and a list of opponents along with it. Nitish Kumar was no longer a usually face opposite Modi; he was one of many. One has to consternation if Nitish Kumar played his cards too shortly by violation adult with BJP in 2012.

So now we have a Nitish Kumar, whose explain to celebrity as a “Sushasan Babu” of Bihar is in rags after fasten hands with his biggest competition underneath a ensign of “secular forces” opposite “communal BJP”. Obviously, this begs a question, because were his physical beliefs asleep during a years of partnership with a BJP? But let’s leave beliefs aside, for they frequency have any definition in politics. On a ground, JDU-BJP was a behemoth force to reckon with; from standing arithmetic to governance, all was going in a favour.

That can frequency be pronounced for a “Mahagathbandhan”, as zero seems to be operative for them. When Nitish Kumar, a means administrator, joins army with a dual parties many scandalous for crime in India, RJD and Congress, he can lick a “good-governance” debate aphorism goodbye. To be sure, a standing math looks good on paper, though one also has to opposite that with a existence that a Yadav-Kurmi adversary in UP and Bihar is legendary. Both SP and Pappu Yadav have recognized this event and have announced a candidacy opposite a Mahagathbandhan, that could separate Yadav votes dual if not 3 ways. Admittedly, SP has small or no change in Bihar, though a repute as “Yadav leader” in subsequent doorway UP can't be created off. Pappu Yadav, a.k.a. Rajiv Ranjan, a internal strongman and a five-time parliamentarian, is a force to reckon with during slightest in some cnostituencies.

Given that a RJD’s Yadav-Muslim multiple has yielded good formula and both JDU and Congress explain to paint Muslims, one would consider a Muslim opinion is a certain thing. But here too Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM has emerged as a X cause on how a minority opinion will swing. The NCP’s dissection with a Mahagathbandhan, that means detriment of heavy-weight Tariq Anwar’s presence, is another reduction factor. This is not to discuss a outrageous detriment of a Mahadalit opinion that a really infamous ouster of Jitan Ram Manjhi will cost a JDU.

So distant Nitish Kumar’s debate promises also destroy to awe. The explain of “Crime and Corruption-free Bihar” comes underneath critical doubt a impulse we note that JDU is contesting reduction seats (100) than they won (117) final time. Even a failing Congress has managed to wring 10 times some-more seats (40) than they won in 2010 (four). This indicates a low turn of control Nitish Kumar exerts over a coalition. Not too prolonged ago, Nitish Kumar was in a headlines seeking for a “Special Status” for Bihar; with Modi delivering a “Special Package” of Rs 1.25 lakh crore, approach some-more than Nitish Kumar even asked for, his choosing guarantee of lifting a Rs 2.7 lakh crore though a centre’s assistance seems too reactionary, if not officious impossible.

His PR Team doesn’t seem to be operative any wonders either. Following in Modi’s footsteps, Nitish Kumar attempted to boost his amicable media participation by holding an “Ask-Me-Anything (AMA)” event on Twitter, though not usually did he accept a diseased response, many of his answers circumvented a questions asked. Recently, Nitish Kumar authored an essay in The Times of India patrician “Bihar’s good jump forward”, that is an hapless re-use of a word invented by a Communist Party of China to impute to an mercantile and amicable debate that flopped. Overall, Nitish Kumar’s stars usually don’t seem to align a right way.

In a grand intrigue of things, a usually leader appears to be Lalu Prasad Yadav. From a towering 103 seats in 2000, Lalu’s celebration had depressed to a small 22 in 2010. After his self-assurance by a CBI Court in 2013, and a degrading better of his mother Rabri Devi in a Lok Sabha elections of 2014 and Pappu Yadav’s subdivision from a RJD, it roughly seemed like a “Lalu era” of Bihar politics was over. Who knew his arch opposition would turn his horseman in resplendent armor and revitalise his career? Not usually has Lalu managed to benefit aptitude again, pleasantness Nitish Kumar, though he also seems to be positioned best for a revival.

Irrespective of either a Mahagathbandhan wins or loses, Lalu Yadav seems to be in a win-win situation. Given that his aspirant JDU is now his ally, he stands to win some-more seats than he would’ve alone, notwithstanding Pappu Yadav and a SP threat. Moreover, Nitish’s repute as an means director competence indeed assistance Lalu in some of a civic and semi-urban seats, generally if a BJP’s claimant is weak. Speculation is abundant that Lalu skeleton to embankment Nitish post election, formed on how good he scores, and bag a Opposition chair by re-aligning himself to other Yadavs, generally if a JDU-Cong multiple fails to lift a weight. Lalu’s “poison” criticism on Nitish’s CM candidacy suggests that these rumours competence be some-more than usually that.

It certain promises to be an engaging fight. One wonders if Nitish Kumar has authorised aspiration and enviousness to overcome his domestic acumen.

(The author is an alumnus of Columbia University)