Bihar polls: NRIs give churned greeting to a choosing results

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Washington: They competence have missed casting their authorization in a essential Bihar elections that witnessed a landslide feat for a Nitish Kumar-Lalu Yadav’s Grand Alliance and decimation of a BJP, though a diaspora gave a churned response to a outcome.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. PTIBihar CM Nitish Kumar. PTI

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. PTI

Stakes were high in a recently-concluded public polls in Bihar by that BJP was eyeing improved reason on a pivotal state notwithstanding a clever informal politics. The campaigning had Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding marathon rallies in a approach plea to obligatory Kumar.

Modi-led NDA perceived a drubbing during a hustings while JD(U)-led Grand Alliance with 178 seats purebred a scintillating win in a essential polls, that also saw a lapse of Lalu as a kingmaker.

From San Francisco to Prague, a formula evoked churned reactions from people hailing from Bihar, trimming from “extreme happiness” to “extreme disappointment.”

Jo na kate aari se, wo kate Bihari se (Those who seem godlike are also degraded by a Bihari),” pronounced Texas proprietor Ajit Chauhan, who works for an organization dedicated for growth of Bihar.

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Patna-born Shrini Singh, who recently changed to Texas after her marriage, is ecstatic about a lapse of Kumar during a helm of a affairs.

“When he had initial come to power, we had privately left to conclude him as a immature tyro vital in Patna… And, today, we feel really happy for him,” she told PTI.

After a proclamation of formula in that Lalu’s RJD emerged as a largest celebration with a transport of 80 seats, some-more than JD(U)’s 71, many people including from Bihar took to amicable media.

London-resident Shitesh Prakash, an IIT-Bombay connoisseur who migrated from Patna in 2001, said: “BJP lifting incomprehensible issues like cow and beef to polarise electorate was stupid, and hence it backfired.”

Prakash, who works for a consultancy vital in UK, pronounced he would never support Lalu after what he saw in a mid-90s in his hometown, and will go for “Nitish in a state and Modi during a Centre.”

He said: “Well, carrying pronounced that this will pull Bihar behind again. But there is also a feel that Modi should concentration during inhabitant turn and let internal BJP care quarrel these state elections… his bending to such low-level during choosing campaigns, was anyway, something, we did not appreciate.”

Patna-born Vineet Abhishek, an IIT-Kanpur alumnus operative for a start-up in California, feels worried about a feat of a Grand Alliance “given a Lalu factor”.

“I have battled monotonous during IIT and even now people spasmodic gibe me in US, notwithstanding all my preparation and achievements we have warranted with my tough work,” he said.

Shruti Sahi, who lives in Prague with her husband, rues not carrying been means to opinion in a elections this year.

“I wanted to be there in Bihar and register my participation in a democracy exercise. But, even we could not participate, wish people have done a correct decision, and Bihar will change for a better,” she said.