Bill Clinton And James Patterson Are Trying To Get Their Unreleased Novel Made Into A Film

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While it’s not that peculiar for authors to sell a film rights to their novels before they come out, it is a small opposite for them to do it when there isn’t a lot of sum about what a book is about. And it’s even some-more peculiar when it is a initial work of novella for one of a co-writers.

When Bill Clinton announced behind in May that he was co-writing a illusory novel with poser author James Patterson, heads were incited and people started removing interested. Not a lot of information was expelled about it either, other than a book cover and a singular sum that a sitting U.S. President is missing. They also settled that Clinton’s contributions were to be “insider sum that usually a boss can know.” What accurately that means isn’t clear, though both seemed pumped about operative together. It was also settled that they would go on a book debate together to foster it when it is expelled in summer 2018. And now a twin are apparently looking for an A-list Hollywood executive to helm a underline film chronicle of it.

According to, Patterson and Clinton are assembly with tip producers to plead a project. They are looking during directors such as J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg and George Clooney, among others. Any of a 3 would be good choices, deliberation their physique of work. Of march now we only have to wait and see if a novel is good adequate to consequence a film adaptation.