Billiards: World Title No 14 for Pankaj Advani

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Adelaide: India’s many successful cueist Pankaj Advani combined another plume to his top by winning a IBSF World Billiards Championship by outplaying his competition in a final to take his universe pretension count to 14 on Sunday.

Advani, 30, left a spectators mesmerised with his inclusive play and undoubted poise over a 3-ball game,
demolishing Singapore’s Peter Gilchrist by 1168 points.

File design of Pankaj Advani. PTIFile design of Pankaj Advani. PTI

File design of Pankaj Advani. PTI

On lifting his 14th universe climax in style, a Indian ace said, “I was dynamic to get even with Peter (Gilchrist) after losing a indicate format final to him. A prolific discuss with my sports clergyman hermit Shree and a good night’s nap did a trick. We discussed my strategies and mental proceed a night before a large final and it all panned out perfectly.”

Bengaluru’s ‘Golden Boy’ was in resounding form and seemed penetrating to not usually urge his Time format universe pretension though also revenge his detriment of a Point format championship to Gilchrist, that happened underneath a week ago.

In a opening visit, Advani dismissed in a discerning century (127) to take a initial lead. Failing to capitalise, Gilchrist handed over an event to a Indian star and it was taken full advantage of.

The 2015 6-red snooker universe champion showed his excellent bravery in billiards by outstanding in dual back-to-back triple centuries (360 and 301), creation a compare a foregone finish in a initial hour itself.

With a gentle 700-point lead, India’s posterboy of cuesport continued to supplement insult to damage with breaks of 284, 119, 101 and 106 in discerning period to extend his lead to 1100 points during a median symbol of a 5-hour final.

On resumption in a second half, Advani continued to retaliate his competition with dual some-more centuries though a energetic fightback by a Singaporean in a form of a large double century (284) along with a integrate some-more centuries reduced his deficit.

But Advani was not utterly finished yet. He continued his harmful form with some assertive scoring. The final spike in a coffin was a smooth and flawless 430 mangle that was unprepared as a compare reached a finish of a 300 mins duration.

Advani has hammered his management nonetheless again in billiards during a universe turn for a few years now. After annihilating England’s Mike Russell in a final of 2012 book of a Time format, Advani went on to win twin titles in both Point and Time formats in 2014.

The champion serve added, “I’ve been on a pierce final integrate of months competing in many tournaments behind to back, in both snooker and billiards. The army started with winning a universe 6-red snooker championship and finished with this universe pretension in billiards creation it a really gratifying proviso of a year for me.”


Pankaj Advani (India) degraded Peter Gilchrist (Singapore) 2408 – 1240 (final of Time format)
Breaks: Pankaj Advani (127, 360, 301, 284, 124, 101, 106, 171, 114, 430*), Peter Gilchrist (102, 156, 249, 107, 198).