BJP digs deep: Publishes 23-yr-old Nitish minute aggressive Lalu

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Patna: In an apparent bid to emanate fissures in a physical fondness forward of a remaining 3 phases of Assembly polls, a BJP has done open Nitish Kumar’s minute to a afterwards Chief Minister Lalu Prasad 23 years ago in that he had charged Prasad with fostering crime and giving precedence to a sold standing in supervision jobs.

The BJP published selectively from Kumar’s minute in full-page advertisements in vernacular dailies on Saturday and asked people to confirm for whom to vote.

Image from IBNliveImage from IBNlive

Image from IBNlive

The letters were taken from author Srikant’s book ‘Bihar: Chitthion ki Rajniti’ (Bihar: Politics of Letter).

In a minute created in Dec 1992, Kumar indicted Prasad, afterwards his comrade in-arms, of renouncing amicable probity bulletin and creation it a small aphorism for personal popularity.

“There appears to be grave misapplication to a border that one can smell a clarity of influence when one looks during unsentimental aspect of a amicable probity bulletin (in Bihar),” he had purportedly created in that letter.

Claiming that discordant to notice that OBC people will too advantage from a state government’s temperament on amicable probity agenda, Kumar, a afterwards comparison personality of National Front, purported that grave irregularities and malpractice were carried out in recruitment in military giving an sense that all vacancies were indifferent for a sold widespread caste.

Kumar pronounced he was told by an MP that a sold village was given welfare in recruitment.

He had also questioned a afterwards Chief Minister on secularism observant a control of a latter simulate an thought that he was a solitary flag-bearer of physical ethos.

He also charged Prasad with hijacking secularism lumber for self-promotion and publicity.

Kumar also pounded Prasad alleging that his order has turn an sea of crime and a summary went down to a grassroot turn that a state supervision had given clientele to crime in projects like highway construction.

Rules of send and posting were flouted in highway construction department, a minute purportedly pronounced and charged Prasad with being partial of crime network in a same department.

“The fact that we have not taken movement opposite a (road construction) apportion gives doubt to your connivance in crime and irregularities in a pronounced department,” Kumar pronounced in a letter.

He also charged Prasad with collusion with corporates.

Kumar, afterwards Lok Sabha MP from Barh, had voiced regard on a ever deteriorating financial condition of Bihar, that he said, was in approach control of a Chief Minister.

“The change between income and output was slanted in foster of income during a time we (Prasad) became a arch apportion in Mar 1990…but in successive years, output overran income call outrageous cut in devise cost that have had a temperament on growth works,” Kumar pronounced in a letter.

Claiming that Bihar had turn a boundary of jokes in Delhi, he pronounced whatever a Chief Minister submitted to a Centre for annual and devise bill was value throwing them in basket though sanctions were given on domestic consideration.

During his arch ministership, intellectuals and specialists felt infirm and abandoned though it was comparison bureaucrats who felt some-more tormented and fear-stricken, a minute said.