BJP threatens to drag AAP to SC over pro-Kejriwal ad

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New Delhi: Terming a latest TV announcement of a AAP-led Delhi supervision as a “violation” of a Supreme Court’s order, BJP on Friday threatened to proceed a peak justice if a blurb was not cold soon.

Screengrab from AAP's new TV ad. Screengrab from AAP's new TV ad.

Screengrab from AAP’s new TV ad.

In a matter released here, BJP’s inhabitant secretary R P Singh pronounced even yet Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s face is not seen, a approach his name has been regularly taken as a ‘messiah of poor’ while leaders of other domestic parties, executive officials and media have been projected as villains was a sum “violation” of peak court’s order.

The AAP government’s latest announcement on TV channels highlights how it has softened governance in Delhi.

Decrying “personality cult” as an anti-thesis of democracy, a SC had recently barred announcement of photos of leaders in supervision advertisements solely those of a President, Prime Minister and a Chief Justice of India.

Similarly, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is listened articulate about propagandize admissions in a radio advertisement.

“We all know that new propagandize sessions start in Apr and for 11th category in June. The benefaction Delhi Government came to energy in Feb and slept over a emanate though now when people have started agitating, a Delhi Government has brought this dubious advertisement,” he said.