Blackberry’s dual new domain names fuel Android Phone speculation

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BlackBerry Ltd, that has been decorous about a ambitions to make a mainstream Android smartphone, fueled some-more conjecture about a skeleton this week when it scooped adult dual Android-related domain names.

Several blog posts in a final dual days have remarkable that a Canadian handset builder bought a domain names “” and “” this week. That spurred some-more gibberish that it intends to build a device powered by Google Inc’s Android platform, that powers a immeasurable infancy of smartphones sole opposite a globe.



The squeeze of a domain names is quite engaging given BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen has declined to endorse a Jun Reuters news that pronounced a association was formulation an Android phone.

Speculation that BlackBerry will welcome Android was also spurred this week by a Digitimes news that pronounced a association skeleton to hurl out several models of Android-based phones.

In a past 3 weeks, however, Chen has pronounced during slightest twice that he would usually build an Android phone if he can “secure Android”.

BlackBerry downplayed a stress of a domain name purchases in an email on Friday, saying: “BlackBerry frequently registers domain names to support a extent of a cross-platform portfolio. Android is an critical partial of a cross-platform craving program strategy.”

Indeed, one of a domains, “”, now redirects users to a BlackBerry enterprise-focused site.

But that has not stopped a fusillade of gibberish on tech blogs about a purchases being partial of BlackBerry’s devise to build a possess secure Android, going over ancillary existent Android phones on a BES12 device-management system. BES12 allows corporate and supervision clients to secure Android-, iOS-, Windows- and BlackBerry-powered inclination on their networks.

Under a care of Chen, a Waterloo, Ontario-based association has been pivoting toward program and device government as a new devices, powered by a BlackBerry 10 software, have unsuccessful to win mass appeal. Analysts and tech gurus trust a pierce to Android could give BlackBerry’s device arm a new franchise on life.

The association already helps yield extended confidence for some of Samsung Electronics’ Android line-up. It also helped U.S. aircraft builder and invulnerability executive Boeing Co build Boeing Black, an ultrasecure Android smartphone for invulnerability and confidence customers.