Blake Lively To Star In The Husband’s Secret

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Last year former Gossip Girl star Blake Lively was battling a shark in a Shallows, starred in Woody Allen’s Cafe Society, and was one of a leads in a thespian thriller All we See Is You, yet given afterwards she’s been comparatively still on a relocating creation front. In all integrity yet she’s been flattering bustling holding caring of her baby daughter that she had with father Ryan Reynolds final September. All that is about to change however, and it’s now been announced that she’s got a new plan on a horizon.

Chris and Paul Weitz are producing CBS Films’ instrumentation of The Husband’s Secret, and Blake Lively has now been announced to not usually be a star, yet one of a executive producers as well. The film is formed on a book of the same name by a New York Times best-selling author of Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty. No executive is now trustworthy to a plan however.


The Husband’s Secret is about a mother who discovers a note from her still alive father that states she is usually to open it in a eventuality of his death. The note leads her to anticipating out about a array of lies, including a covered-up murder, that opens her eyes to a existence of her once suspicion to be ideal relationship. 

With a success of Little Big Lies on HBO, it’s no warn that The Husband’s Secret has unexpected started to benefit traction and being fast changed towards production. 

Photo: Georges Biard on Wikipedia