Blake Lively’s “Age of Adaline” Makeup And Hair Looks Throughout The Decades

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With 27-year-old blonde beauty Blake Lively starring as a time-honoured Adaline Bowman in Lee Toland Krieger’s new film The Age of Adaline, we can’t assistance though admire her evermore stylish beauty looks. As a 29-year-old lady who unexpected stops aging after a puzzling accident, Adaline’s intense skin and golden thatch sojourn eager over time. Here’s a closer demeanour during Adaline’s hair and makeup looks, as a trends change with any decade in a movie.


1925: With her cropped blonde waves and porcelain complexion, Lively looks each in. a 1920s flapper in this shot from 1925. Her heavily rouged cheeks with their splendid cocktail of flushed red glow move colour to her satisfactory skin. Meanwhile, her dim and tangible eyeliner and palatable red simper supplement play to her scrupulous beauty look.


1931: As her demeanour shifts into a 1930s, Adaline’s flushed impertinence colour and moist red simper stays in place for this beautiful spousal beauty statement. While she might have had sassy, undone flapper waves in a 1920s, her blonde thatch are now styled into ideal finger waves though a strand out of place.


1943: With her low side partial and neat blonde curls, Adaline’s hair was treated to an refurbish for a 1940s. Meanwhile, her red-orange lipstick and relating glow with a organic undertones supplement pointed colour to her skin tone.


1955: As a glamorous selected belle, Adaline’s blonde curls are still cropped, though seem a shade darker in a 1950s. With her thick prolonged eyelashes and pinkish mouth colour, her modernized makeup demeanour has also shifted dramatically from carmine lips and red-tinted cheeks.


1963: As we step into a ‘60s, Adaline unveils a full fringe, that grazes her eyelashes. With her lashings of mascara and swift eyeliner interconnected with pointed pinkish glow and honeyed pinkish mouth colour, her beauty demeanour also brings a concentration adult to her overwhelming eyes.


1972: While beauty trends from a cold 1970s might move disco stylish to mind, Adaline plays it protected with her fresh-faced, no makeup look. Her matte foundation, spirit of mascara and light pinkish lips showcase her evermore childish visage. The hair swept behind and pinned divided from her face completes her soothing look.


1984: The undying Adaline stays divided from ornate ‘80s trends and neon eye makeup, though she still embraces a saturated tresses of a decade. Her darker blonde thatch are ragged half-up and half-down, with slight volume during a climax and wavy ends.


1996: As we step into a 1990s, Adaline earnings to a witty cherry red lips and dim eyeliner from her selected makeup looks. Her lighter blonde hair is styled into soothing side waves and pulled behind for a winning look.


2015: Naturally, complicated day Adaline looks only like beautiful off-screen Blake Lively. The stylish disfigured low bun with a neat side partial is a classical hairdo, and a well-spoken change from a confidant volume of a 1980s and 1990s. The light pinkish lipstick, hold of eyeshadow and understated cloak of mascara also showcase Adaline’s healthy beauty.

Photos: IMDB