Bluetooth Earbuds That Stays Under Any Helmet

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Wearing earbuds while roving a motorcycle or a bicycle is challenging, since they tend to tumble out. Most of them don’t yield most insurance from a effects of high winds. Slimbuds are designed to scold that and stay in place without vitriolic that ears. This comes from a use of silicon ear grips designed to keep a earbuds firmly in place regardless of what kind helmet your wear and underneath any roving conditions – on or off road.

It features two-microphone pattern that sits on a chin, only underneath a revoke lip. One mic picks adult what a supplement is saying, a second detects changes to a sound environment, like sirens and horns, and lowers a volume on your phone to be certain we can hear them. An concomitant app and handlebar mounted push-to-talk and volume controls concede we to remotely control your audio, accept phone calls, and activate voice commands. You can send your plcae to a pre-determined list of puncture contacts in a eventuality of an accident. You can discuss with a organisation of friends while we float and  it doesn’t matter how distant detached we competence get from any other, because this review works around a phone network.

Passive sound termination is used to revoke engine and breeze noise. It can go about 6 hours on a singular charge. There’s some-more information on a following video.

Source: Indiegogo

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