Bluetooth Sensor Module With The Size Of The Button

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MetaWearC is a tiny, coin-cell powered, Bluetooth Low Energy Sensor Platform with an SDK.



How does it work?


A mobile SDKs display all a sensors and peripherals that your App can:

  • Read heat data
  • Notify me on freefall
  • Log gyroscope information during 800Hz
  • Stream accelerometer information during 200Hz
  • Sound an alarm when a symbol is pressed
  • Adjust a volume of your Bluetooth orator when a MetaWear is shaken

Tech Specs

  • A low-power, ARM Core (Nordic nRF51822)
  • 126kB Flash memory, 16kB SRAM
  • On-board memory for logging sensor data
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Pre-certified with Tayo Yuden module)
  • Indicator LED
  • Thermistor (temperature sensor)
  • 6-axis combo sensor from BOSCH with accelerometer and gyroscope
  • 1 PWM pin, I2C, SPI, UART, and 2 Analog/Digital GPIOs
  • Battery and Power-management electronics (Lasts adult to 1 year on a singular coin-cell CR2032)
  • Over-the-air programmable and updateable
  • Smartphone tranquil and programmed

The plan debate is entirely saved on the Kickstarter and reached a appropriation idea of $4.000, a early bird pricing are gone, though we can still get it for $35, an estimated smoothness is on Nov of 2015.



Source: Kickstarter