BMW Active Hybrid e-bike – high-tech bicycle with a large cost tag

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A bicycle can be a really good mode of travel in contemporary cities. You wish your bike to be agile, high-quality and energetic in impression – that is what BMW is famous for. And so a new BMW Active Hybrid e-bike looks like a really appealing package. How about a bicycle that has a USB pier for your phone?

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike looks pointy and is high-tech – it even has 4 opposite energy modes. Image credit: BMW

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is an electrically assisted bicycle, able of 25 km/h. With a 504 Wh battery it has an assisted operation of adult to 100 km. It electric engine produces 250 W and 90 Nm of torque. And we can still pedal it as a normal bicycle if we wish to. Electrically assisted bicycles are removing increasingly popular, since they do yield some health benefits, concede people to stay outdoor for longer and some-more gentle time, and nonetheless are easier to hoop in ascending situations. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is also utterly futuristic.

This bicycle has 4 opposite energy modes that can be comparison on a new display. And afterwards there is Bluetooth capability and even an USB pier for your phone. It looks a partial as well. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike has a hydroformed aluminium support with elegantly integrated removable battery and a motor. Just by looking during it we wouldn’t even know it is an electric bike. That is until we beheld scarcely thick support where a battery resides. Then there are LED lights, seamlessly integrated into a back mudguard and mounted over a front wheel. Speaking of wheels, a spoke arrangement is surprising with several clusters of spokes interrupted by incomparable gaps. Looks cool.

Removable battery creates a recharging easy. Image credit: BMW

BMW also yet of a essential facilities of a bicycle. For example, it has a available fiberglass hoop – electric bikes are complicated and so carrying it ergonomically is important. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike has cessation in a front and both hoop brakes. While we couldn’t see it in a pictures, this bicycle should have a flattering gentle chair as well. There are 3 zones of stuffing in a saddle, filled with opposite materials, such as gel. And he bike altogether looks nice, generally in black, though there is an apparent problem.

And that problem, of course, is a price. BMW Active Hybrid e-bike costs 3,400 euros. This is a extensive volume of income even for such a good bicycle. It has aluminium support and is still some-more costly than some competitors. However, it should be really arguable and easy to live with. So that reward for a reputable badge might be value it for some people.


Source: BMW

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