Bomb Threat on United Flight Bound for U.S.

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Bomb Threat
On this day of remembrance, Sept. 11, United Airlines Flight 902 en track to San Francisco was forced to lapse to Frankfurt, Germany due to a explosve threat. It landed safely during 3:39 p.m. internal time shortly after take off. According to CBS SF Bay Area, a craft was systematic to lapse as a outcome of a hazard being taken seriously. The hazard named a specific moody and currently is a fourteenth anniversary of 9/11. Shortly after all of a passengers had deplaned and been searched, as good as all of a passengers’ baggage, they were not incarcerated and zero was found, however, a review is stability to demeanour into a incident. Several passengers could be seen holding cinema as they over a United Airlines Boeing 747-400.

Friday’s moody has, however, been rescheduled for Saturday given a organisation had exceeded their authorised available hours of duty. The explosve hazard targeted a craft with 333 passengers and 18 organisation members aboard, however, no injuries were reported during a heated moments of a occurrence or thereafter. Frankfurt patron use agents were operative as feverishly as probable to assist passengers in stability their tour to a United States. According to United’s website, a Daily Mail reported that a moody was cancelled since of a intrusion in security.

By Jireh Gibson

The Daily Mail:United Airlines moody in Germany is Ordered to Land Shortly After Take-Off After a Bomb Threat is Made on a 14th Anniversary of a Sep 11 Terror Attacks

CBS SF Bay Area:Bomb Threat On United Flight From Germany To San Francisco Plane Evacuation

Photos: Top and Featured Image Courtesy of InSapphoWeTrust’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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