Booed, shoved, roughed up: Gay romantic practice nauseous side of Silicon Valley acquire for PM Modi

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by Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali

The discuss of Silicon Valley brings a images of a potion buildings nestled in a midst of vast open spaces filled with highly-skilled ‘educated’ professionals.

Silicon Valley also portrays a strenuous participation of a Indian community. A village that we go to. At least, legally, we still go to.

Image from a 'protest'.Image from a 'protest'.

Activists with posters about Article 377 wait PM Modi in San Jose. Photo pleasantness Trikone

Today, we witnessed a ruinous of that idea. A passing of my expectations from a Indian village we was innate into.

Trikone, a oldest South Asian LGBTQ classification with a roots in Silicon Valley, was peacefully holding a mount to move onward a courtesy to a blank LGBTQ rights when a Indian primary apportion Narendra Modi came to San Jose, a initial Indian primary apportion to come here in 3 decades.

Section 377 criminalises me. My solitary aim was to move concentration to a fact during a venue where associate Indians have gathered.

All I, being a chairperson of Trikone, did was to peacefully take a mount on a open drift of a city of San Jose holding a pointer –“377” The aged British law still haunts Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Maldives, Myanmar and more… #LGBTQ Rights. We were really not in support of a Prime Minister. But categorically, we were not opposite him personally; we have and will always be opposite Section 377 and a inaction of a Government of India.

I was attacked. My associate comrades holding equally neutral messages were attacked.

My pointer was snatched, damaged and thrown. we was dragged, pulled out by my collar, hold on my neck and was yelled during – we don’t go here. The enemy were my associate Indians. The enemy asserted their Indian infancy status.

We were all really jarred up. When a law coercion officers pronounced that they will not be means to pledge a reserve amidst a crowd, we motionless to leave. The military escorted us out. We devise to board a grave censure some time this week. If nothing, it will during slightest put us on record.

Being a minority is not new for me. we was innate in India. we was lifted in India. we grew adult in towns where we was taught not to discuss my name out loud. Where we grew up, it was formidable to be a Muslim. We wouldn’t be authorised to lease a place; we wouldn’t be authorised to buy a place (not that we were means to means during that time). All a landlords, kind adequate to have us as tenants, asked us not to be too distinguished lest they had to answer questions of a locality as to because they went opposite a ‘norm’.

I was told not to ask for what’s my worth. we was educated not to doubt what’s been told. To supplement to a mix, we am homosexual. In further to all of a above ‘not’s we had to supplement a weight of a overpower around my sexuality.
Setting feet in a United States of America, we insincere that we was divided from all of a pomposity that we had to understanding with in India.

The Indian infancy done it transparent for me today. we was, am and will sojourn a minority.

Collecting myself off today’s moments, we am left with a vivid doubt – if a Indian majority, a ‘educated’ lot, station on non-Indian ground, can review to such means to expostulate their indicate across, what is a predicament of a minorities on Indian soil?

Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali is a chair of Trikone, a world’s oldest classification for LGBT South Asians. Another chronicle of this letter seemed on his personal blog.