Book Boost: Access for All Challenge

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Around 250 million children of primary propagandize age around a universe are incompetent to commend simple letters and numbers, even yet half of them have spent during slightest 4 years in school. Despite a significance of books in boosting foundational education skills, there is a tellurian necessity of books for children in many mom languages. For a estimated 19 million children globally that are blind or have low prophesy or a millions of children with other disabilities that impact their use of traditionally printed material, a necessity of peculiarity books in permitted formats is even some-more severe.

To residence these challenges, All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD) and Pearson’s Project Literacy are rising the Book Boost: Access for All Challenge to expostulate creation in permitted edition . The plea seeks business models that are secure in optimizing and augmenting a series of permitted books in a pretension growth proviso of a book value chain, ensuing in a some-more fit and cost effective process.

Join us by submitting your business devise by 23:00 EST on Jan 19, 2018.

Submit foe questions at by Nov 27, 2017 during 14:00 EST

The foe will emanate awards in a multi-phased proceed relating pivotal milestones.

Competition opens: October 26, 2017

Closing date for foe questions: November 27, 2017 during 14:00 EST

Responses posted: December 8, 2017

Phase 1 shutting date: January 19, 2018 during 23:00 EST

Phase 1: Business Model Enhancement Plan Submission

Requires a acquiescence of a solver’s Business Model Enhancement Plan (hereafter referred to as ‘business plan’) for a growth and prolongation of new children’s book titles. In this phase, adult to 5 field will be awarded $12,000 and comparison to pierce to Phase 2.

  • Closing date: January 19, 2018 at 23:00 EST
  • Finalists announced: Mid-February 2018

Phase 2: Virtual Presentations and Deliverable Timeline (Week of Feb 26)

The Phase 1 finalists will control a practical display on a viability of their business devise to a row of judges. Up to dual finalists will be awarded $75,000 in seed appropriation to launch their innovative business model.

  • Virtual demonstrations: Week of Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2018
  • Finalists announced: Mid-March 2018

Phase 3: Business Model Enhancement Plan Implementation (March – September)

A successive remuneration of adult to $75,000 will be awarded formed on doing deliverables and results. The date for remuneration placement will be concluded on formed on a business plan.

  • Business Model Enhancement deliverable timeline: Mid-March 2018
  • Announcement of results: Late 2018 


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