Boosting Europe’s all-electric satellites

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tim_peake_opens_electric_propulsion_centre_largeYesterday, ESA wanderer Tim Peake non-stop a UK trickery that will enhance Europe’s capability with satellites that rest unconditionally on electric propulsion.

Sited in Belfast, Northern Ireland, it builds on a modernized production skills there. Propellant tanks, electric thrusters and steering mechanisms with a interconnecting strap and fuel lines will be fabricated and commissioned on a satellite structure.

In a future, a thruster steering public will also be built in a same cleanroom, that will enhance to 500 sq m by a finish of a year.

These finish thrust modules will afterwards be sent to Thales Alenia Space France in Cannes for insertion into a Spacebus Neo satellites, that will offer all-electric thrust or a brew of electric and normal thrusters.

Three have already been systematic – a first, for Eutelsat, will yield broadband communications opposite sub-Saharan Africa from 2019.

This bid is partial of ESA’s Neosat programme, that intends to revoke a cost of a 3–6 tonne satellite in circuit by 30% by a finish of a decade.

Magali Vaissiere, ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, commented: “Neosat aims to assistance European satellite builders to constraint during slightest half of a world’s satcom marketplace in a years to come.

“The opening of this dedicated trickery in Belfast is an critical miracle in a electric thrust revolution.”

Thales Alenia Space UK’s dedicated Electric Propulsion Integration Centre is a initial of a kind in a UK.

Spacebus Neo

Spacebus Neo

Spacebus Neo will offer all-electric thrust to strech a final circuit and say a position regulating significantly reduction diesel than normal thrusters – definition reduce cost or larger ability during launch. Thales skeleton to build adult to 4 per year from 2018.

Apart from Neosat, a design, make and exam comforts will also support other satellite programmes that use chemical and electric propulsion.

Tim Peake non-stop a trickery on his postflight debate of a UK, in a participation of Arlene Foster, Northern Ireland’s First Minister, with member from ESA, a UK Space Agency and NASA.

The Neosat team-work between ESA and France’s CNES space group is partial of ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems programme.

Source: ESA