Bored At School? Never. This Guy’s Students Are Endlessly Entertained By His Antics

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Teachers are constantly struggling to find new and artistic ways to keep their students engaged.

In today’s ever-changing world, it simply isn’t adequate to rest on reading, writing, and arithmetic to order a classroom. Advancements in record have non-stop adult a whole new order book for tyro engagement, though not each clergyman is peaceful to see a advantages of changing adult their training styles.

But Joe Dombrowski, or Mr. D, is heading a assign when it comes to anticipating ways to make training fun so that kids will demeanour brazen to entrance to school. And formed on his kiddos’ reactions, it’s easy to see that there’s something to Mr. D’s unusual proceed to teaching.

You competence commend Mr. D from his now barbarous video of a warn Apr Fool’s spelling exam that was “CHCHCH” to contend a least.


Before apropos a teacher, he was a proffer advisor for 5 years during a summer stay for terminally ill children, that eventually desirous him to make a career change.

Describing his personal training philosophy, Mr. D believes, “You have to make a educational knowledge fun and engaging.”