BP and ConocoPhillips Evacuate North Sea Platforms After Barge Goes Adrift

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BP’s Valhall platform. The association began evacuating members of staff Wednesday night after a boat pennyless lax and was streamer toward a oil field.

BP, around Reuters

LONDON — A 360-foot-long boat that was set lax by aroused continue in a North Sea was cumulative on Thursday, after a oil companies BP and ConocoPhillips evacuated hundreds of workers from dual oil platforms and temporarily halted production.

The boat drifted past one of a oil installations as it changed toward a Norwegian seashore progressing in a day, pronounced Borghild Eldoen, a mouthpiece for a Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Stavanger, Norway. “It was a thespian conditions for some hours,” she said.

Georg Eide, a authority of Eide Marine Services, a Norwegian association that owns a barge, pronounced a vessel was brought underneath control and was being towed toward Norway.

The barge, that is used to ride cargo, was returning to Norway from Tunisia after a execution of a plan carried out on interest of a German Navy when a draw line pennyless in “extreme weather” in a North Sea on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Eide pronounced in an email.

“The continue was so bad that it was unfit to reconnect it to a puncture draw line,” Mr. Eide said, adding that a company’s puncture response group had been “working by a night to coordinate and source other vessels and resources to assistance us in retrieving a barge.”

As a precaution, BP evacuated staff members during a hulk Valhall oil margin on Wednesday night after training that a boat was streamer toward a complex, pronounced Toby Odone, a orator for a company.

Around 235 employees were airlifted from a oil margin on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, he said. The association pronounced Thursday afternoon that a boat had missed attack a oil margin by reduction than a mile, and that operations there — sum prolongation is around 50,000 barrels a day — would resume.

ConocoPhillips, that has dual oil fields, Eldfisk and Embla, over away, also halted prolongation and evacuated 145 employees, of whom 95 were taken to seaside and a rest to other installations, pronounced Stig S. Kvendseth, a association spokesman.