Bring behind Tipu Sultan’s ring from UK and uncover it to BJP activists: Azam Khan tells PM Modi

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Rampur, UP: Amid ongoing quarrel over birth anniversary jubilee of Tipu Sultan, Uttar Pradesh apportion Azam Khan on Thursday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to move behind a ring of a 18th century Mysore ruler from London, that he claimed gimlet a name of Lord Rama.

The SP personality asked a primary apportion to move a ring, that he claimed is “preserved in Britain’s museum”, and uncover it to “those BJP activists who have been rising anti-Tipu Sultan stir.”

Azam Khan. Ibnlive

Azam Khan. Ibnlive

Modi is on a three-day debate to Britain. Azam pronounced a ring is of “utmost ancestral value”.

The Samajwadi Party personality also asked a Prime Minister to move home a Kohinoor diamond.

“PM is going to sup with Queen (Elizabeth II), who wears Kohinoor propitious crown. Will Modiji ask her to lapse a changed solid to India?” he asked.

Supporting a late army crew who are returning their medals, a UP apportion said, “Modi distinguished Diwali with army group on duty, though he would have finished probity had he celebrated a festival with a late army crew by surrender to their OROP demand.”

He took a puncture during a Central Government for hiking unfamiliar approach investment (FDI) extent in during slightest 15 key-sectors.

“PM has each desire to patronize FDI, though a dark bulletin of Narendra bhai is to safeguard well-spoken swell of capitalists like Adani,” he said.