Bryan Johnson Pleads Not Guilty to Lying About Shooting

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Bryan Johnson

Within a hour, it has been reported that Bryan Johnson, a Massachusetts military officer who had been indicted of fibbing about being shot in a line of duty, pleaded not guilty now and has been postulated a $10,000 bail. Claiming that on Sept. 2, his cruiser was dismissed during 2-3 times by a male in a pickup, Johnson insisted he had a reason for banishment during a man.

Johnson’s account, however, was dynamic to be a hoax during a investigation, that led to his detain final week. In fact, it was schooled in a review that he had dismissed during his possess vehicle, that was found shot-up, crashed, and burnt on a side of Forrest Road.

Not Guilty?

The former part-time officer told investigators, in response to a commentary and in his possess defense, that he had blacked out. In June, he had been promoted to a permanent officer, so investigators, in their office of motive, now trust that for fear of losing his job, he built this whole story.

Millis City Officer Johnson had formerly been charged with antagonistic drop of property, dubious a rapist investigation, communicating fake information, and a wrong liberate of a firearm. He has posted bail and will wear an ankle monitor until a subsequent proviso of a trial, that has nonetheless to be scheduled.

By James Hicks

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