Bullies Kept Making Fun Of Her At School, But Her Big, Tough Dad Stepped In

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Bullying is a outrageous problem in schools around a world, that leaves thousands of kids a year feeling uncertain and abused. This tainted diagnosis can means both earthy and romantic distress. The existence is that roughly each child practice bullying in some way, so if we haven’t, you’re unequivocally lucky.

When this small lady told her father that she was being bullied, he motionless that he indispensable to tell her how special she unequivocally is. He sat down and wrote a poem, that he afterwards put to music, and combined a strain meant to enthuse not usually his possess kids, though kids opposite a nation who are traffic with bullying and harassment.

This father is no foreigner to viral fame. He once wrote a strain to his mother about how he wished she desired herself more, that we can check out here. we wish Khari Touré continues to make strain like this, since these messages ring with all of us.