Buy Physical on Silver Price Dip, Futures Traders Need Some Patience

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Buy Physical on Silver Price Dip, Futures Traders Need Some Patience

Buy Physical on Silver Price Dip, Futures Traders Need Some Patience

As of 3:00 p.m. EST, Silver price (for Sep delivery) traded adult +$0.135 (+0.69%) aloft to $19.785, with today’s trade operation between $19.625 and $19.940 for a contract.

Silver - Recap and Outlook for Aug 18 2016 - ONE

The 3-day draft (above) showed a bid of china (spot) prices sitting during $19.655 during 3:33 p.m. EST. This draft shows us that a cost of china currently (green line) changed behind into a neutral position between yesterday’s (red) line and a blue one from a day before.

Silver (as good as gold) tend to have a disposition to pierce behind towards where it recently traded a vast commission of a time. With a pointy spike reduce in a red line, investors might have attempted to put on a enlarged position and would be sitting in distinction right now (perhaps with a stop detriment above break-even).

Silver - Recap and Outlook for Aug 18 2016 - TWO

The stream gold/silver ratio sits during 68.340 (based on a Sep contracts) or 68.60 formed on their mark prices. Gold (for Sep delivery) rose +8.90 (+0.66%) aloft to $1,352.10 with today’s operation during $1,345.20 to 1,354.90.

On a draft (above), we can see a Sep contracts of both bullion and china given a start of August. What we can see, is that a widespread between a cost movements of a dual metals has widened in a past integrate days (orange lines).

On Aug 10th and 11th, we can see that china was outperforming, though bullion has recently left china behind. This could benefaction a tiny shopping event in china (as represented by a immature arrows). Keep in mind that china might not indispensably rise, as bullion could also be a one to scold lower. Perhaps we could see a multiple of both, that is given I’ve combined a red arrow for gold.

The light-blue trendline (based on a MACD troughs) suggests that my speculation of both metals relocating behind towards each-other has a clever probability, and hints during a china cost of only subsequent $20.00 per ounce.

The Slow Stochastic will need to spin reduce eventually, though we am not assured adequate to pull a red line (yet) given it might be means to postpone any declines (especially given a arena is still upward).

Silver - Recap and Outlook for Aug 18 2016 - THREE

When looking during prices of changed metals (and other commodities) it is inestimable to take a demeanour during a banking in that they are totalled (and typically pierce inversely as a result). By looking during a pierce of a US dollar, we can improved expect a destiny cost moves in metals.

The dollar enervated significantly opposite all though one vital banking today. That helped pull line aloft today. On a draft (above) we can see a euro totalled in US dollars.

We can see today’s pointy gains in a euro contra a greenback. This was understanding for china and bullion today. Furthermore, we can see that a dissimilarity occurred during a finish of Jul (beginning of August) as voiced by a orange lines.

This, should it correct, means that a Euro could tumble a integrate hundred pips and means offered vigour on china prices. For now, we can review into it as a marketplace being confident on a euro and/or desperate for a US dollar.

The elemental means for this view is that investors are losing faith in a probability of a rate travel in a U.S. occurring earlier (rather than later). This is upheld by a fed mins that were only released.

Since a markets are now reduction assured that a Federal Reserve will pierce to boost rates this year, bond yields are depressed. Oil, also traded in US dollars, has now risen for a 6th true day, with Brent oil rising to $50 again, that is also assisting to support a cost of silver.

Finally, keep in mind that as we nearby a finish of a summer doldrums, a china cost could be significantly impacted. Seasonality plays a pivotal purpose during this time of year, that has historically been a best time of year to buy bullion and silver. Now could be a good time to demeanour for shopping opportunities on dips.

Silver - Recap and Outlook for Aug 18 2016 - FOUR

On a 1-year draft (above) we can see that a china cost is battling between opposing marketplace army and indicators.

While it might be a dangerous time of year to go brief on china (the steel could arise for a subsequent 2 or some-more months) we see a transparent dissimilarity in a cost compared to a MACD trendline (orange).

This hints during a probability of a decrease to distant subsequent even a reduce Bollinger Band. The probability of both Bollinger Bands commencing a enlarged down-trend can't be ruled out during this time. Based on my possess estimates, we would be astounded if a reduce Bollinger Band doesn’t pierce behind down towards about $17.500.

Normally, we would even brief china for this reason, though given we are during a really clever time of year for silver, and a fact that a Slow Stochastics has some-more room to start climbing from here, my final position is to be on a sidelines for traders (but for buyers of earthy silver to keep accumulating, generally if a china cost dips temporarily).




Courtesy: Robert Patyk

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