Bystanders Stopped A Man From Assaulting A Woman On The Side Of The Highway

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Traffic jams are a comprehensive worst, and many of a time, we don’t even know what’s causing them. But dual drivers named William Byrum and Joey Thomas indeed found out what was causing a backup on I-205 final week. The reason was devastating.

They saw a lady journey from a automobile since a male she was pushing with began assaulting her. She pulled over to a side of a highway and started running. Darrel Classen — a male who was violence her — began chasing after her. That’s when Byrum and Thomas stepped in. When Classen assaulted another lady who was perplexing to get in his way, a dual group stopped him in his tracks.

(via SF Globe)

Those gentlemen are being lauded as heroes, and they should be. They intervened when someone desperately indispensable their help. As for Darrel Classen, he’ll be going to jail for utterly some time.