California shooter Tashfeen Malik’s visa ask was ‘missing pivotal information’

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Washington: A member of a US Congress Saturday indicted immigration officials of permitting California assailant Tashfeen Malik into a nation notwithstanding vicious blank information in her ask for a fiancee visa.

An FBI welfare print of Tashfeen Malik. AFPAn FBI welfare print of Tashfeen Malik. AFP

An FBI welfare print of Tashfeen Malik. AFP

“After reviewing Tashfeen Malik’s immigration file, it is transparent that immigration officials did not entirely oldster her application,” House Judiciary Committee authority Bob Goodlatte pronounced in a statement.

Malik, a 29-year-old Pakistani national, came to a United States final year on a fiancee visa, that Goodlatte pronounced was released notwithstanding a miss of explanation that she had ever met her US-born husband, Syed Farook, 28.

Together a dual shot passed 14 people and harmed 22 during a amicable services core in San Bernardino, California progressing this month.

The radicalized Muslim integrate are believed to have been inspired, if not directed, by a Islamic State apprehension group.

“The immigration central reviewing Malik’s focus requested some-more justification to safeguard a dual met in chairman though it was never supposing and her visa was authorized anyway,” Goodlatte said.

He combined that a usually pieces of justification supposing to uncover that a integrate had been in Saudi Arabia during a same time — where they are pronounced to have married — were a matter by Farook and pages from their passports.

However, a exit month and date on Malik’s pass was illegible, Goodlatte said, citing a interpretation supposing by a Congressional Research Service.

Furthermore, Malik had a visa that was current for usually 60 days, that showed her entering Saudi Arabia in early Jun 2013 while Farook’s pass indicated he did not arrive until Oct 1, casting serve doubt on either they were in a nation during a same time.

“Even if Farook and Malik were in Saudi Arabia during a same time, this does not yield justification that they met in person,” Goodlatte said.

The Republican congressman indicted President Barack Obama’s administration of refusing to take required stairs to entirely oldster visa field and pronounced his cabinet was operative on a check “to strengthen visa estimate confidence and strengthen inhabitant security.”

“Visa confidence is vicious to inhabitant security, and it’s unsuitable that US Citizenship and Immigration Services did not entirely oldster Malik’s focus and instead sloppily authorized her visa,” he said.

Of a 61 million proxy visitors to a United States in 2013, about 26,000 arrived in a United States on a K1 or “fiancee” visa, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Only 272 were from Pakistan.