Call Me By Your Name Could Be The Surprise Hit Of The Awards Season

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Like Brokeback Mountain and Moonlight before it, Call Me By Your Name tells a story of a forbidden, sly adore event between dual men. And like Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name could really simply be a warn strike of a year when awards deteriorate rolls around.

During TIFF, Real Style had a possibility to speak to a dual stars of a film, Armie Hammer and  Timothée Chalamet, as good as director Luca Guadagnino. We got to find out how Guadagnino finished adult directing a film instead of only producing it, and how he went about casting it. We also got to find out since Hammer primarily incited a purpose down, and how Guadagnino eventually talked him into it. Hammer himself called his choice to do a after all a good one, since it was “such a special experience.”

Call Me By Your Name opens currently in a U.S., and on Dec 8th in Canada. It tells a story of a seventeen year aged in Northern Italy in 1983, who starts a attribute with his father’s investigate partner who is visiting from a U.S.. It’s a touching story formed on a novel by André Aciman.

Read a whole story in a latest emanate of Real Style.