Can a Mobile App Reduce Intimate Partner Violence?

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More than 40 percent of mothers in a United States knowledge some form of insinuate partner assault (IPV), inspiring 15 million children and adolescents.

Both victims of abuse and their children who declare it humour augmenting bad earthy and mental health, high-risk behaviors such as piece abuse, and disadvantage to insinuate partner assault in a future.

An App for That? Dr. Trace Kershaw is building a data-driven mobile app to assistance mangle a cycle of domestic violence.

Dr. Trace Kershaw, Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, will rise a data-driven behavioral involvement regulating a mobile app designed to urge decision-making for mothers and daughters unprotected to assault in a home and revoke high-risk behaviors and destiny insinuate partner violence. 

“Female teenagers influenced by assault in their homes are quite unprotected to unwittingly usurpation a disastrous cycle that can have widespread change on a health and contentment of women opposite generations,” Kershaw said. “We are focusing on mothers and daughters since it is essential to finish this cycle.” 

Kershaw and his doctoral tyro Tiara Willie will rise a initial family-based insinuate partner assault involvement regulating interactive video striking novellas in that participants can select a impression like themselves, make behavioral choices that lead to certain or disastrous consequences, and afterwards learn from a choices they make. 

“This proceed recognizes that IPV does not start in isolation, that parent-child relations are pivotal to overcoming obstacles, and that record simply disseminates a intervention, augmenting a altogether impact and strech for families,” Willie said. 

Research has shown that striking novellas make it easier for people to grasp formidable health messages and that interactivity helps personalize a knowledge and urge a participants’ comfort and bargain of how to make healthier choices, Kershaw said, adding that putting a involvement on a smartphone severely increases a impact and reach. 

In New Haven, some-more than 85 percent of a aim assembly of low-income adolescents, rising adults, and immature relatives have entrance to a smartphone. 

To emanate a app, Kershaw and Willie will arrange a village advisory house stoical of dual experts in insinuate partner assault research, dual teenagers and dual mothers who have been unprotected to insinuate partner violence, dual amicable workers, a artistic essay expert, and an consultant in striking novellas. 

The researchers will exam a usability of a app with 5 pairs of mothers and daughters before contrast acceptability, feasibility, and compensation with 15 mother-daughter pairs over 8 weeks. 

“By operative with mothers and daughters during a same time, we wish to strengthen their attribute and their ability to respond to a disastrous effects of violence,” Kershaw said. “With new skills and confidence, both mothers and daughters will hopefully improved equivocate assault in destiny relationships.” 

Women’s Health Research during Yale’s Pilot Project Program

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“When it comes to biology and behavior, women and group are not identical,” pronounced Dr. Carolyn M. Mazure, Director of WHRY. “For a 20th year, WHRY is sparking creation with studies designed to rise a best practices for detecting and treating diseases and conditions that might impact women and group differently.”

Source: Yale University

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