Can Base Metals like Lead be Turned into Gold? Well! Actually YES

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Can Base Metals like Lead be Turned into Gold? Well! Actually YES

Can Base Metals like Lead be Turned into Gold? Well! Actually YES

A few months ago we spoke with a lady who challenged my contention in changed metals. “Don’t we know bullion can be combined from lead?” she said. She afterwards sensitive me that a best thing to do in a entrance years was to equivocate a squeeze of changed metals, fiercely warning me of a entrance bullion collapse. “There will be a mass prolongation of gold!” she hung adult a phone before we had a possibility to respond.

To date, I’m not accurately certain since this lady called a company. It’s apparent she wasn’t about to buy changed metals or during a really slightest have a conversation. Most expected she wanted to transparent her preference to drive transparent of shopping bullion and china by pulling her views on me. To her credit, she was articulate and sounded a lot like Peter Schiff, exclusive a fact she was endangered with a destiny of gold instead of US dollars!

Where did this lady get a thought of branch lead into gold?

For those who don’t know, she was referring to alchemy. Broadly speaking, alchemy is simply Medieval chemistry; however, a investigate is best know for the mutation of elements such as lead into bullion or chrysopoeia.

Original alchemists could be labeled many things: Gothic chemists, spiritualists, philosophers, and people of a occult. They were tucked divided in dim bedrooms conducting chemical and enchanting experiments to find a philosopher’s stone, a cryptic mill that could presumably give almighty life and modify any bottom steel like lead into a changed steel like gold.

Many fortunes have been spent financing a investigate for a chemical combination and routine of such a stone. It’s even rumored some have succeeded, such as a famous alchemist, Nicolas Flamel. As bizarre as this sounds historians trust a investigate of a early alchemists laid a substructure for complicated chemistry. Their work shabby famous scientists like Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton.

Can bottom metals such as lead indeed be transmuted into gold?

Surprisingly a answer is yes.

While there is no such thing as a philosopher’s stone, we can in fact artificially routine or chief routine bottom metals into gold. This has been a box given a 20th century. Scientists have a ability to change a series of protons in an element’s iota thereby transforming one component into another element.

Does this have any impact in a marketplace cost for gold?

The answer is no.

The costs concerned in producing bullion is significantly larger than a tangible cost of gold. Glenn Seaborg, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist said, “It would cost some-more than one quadrillion dollars per unit to furnish bullion by this experiment,” referencing a 1980s bullion examination that transmuted bottom steel into gold. Additionally, a bullion constructed by this same examination was radioactive.

While alchemy is cold it’s not economical. Saying,“The cost of bullion will fall since of alchemy,” is a same as saying, “The cost of bananas will fall since scientists detected we can grow banana trees on Mars.” Both statements aren’t holding into comment a problem of a process.


While bullion can be combined by synthetic transmutation, changed steel owners have no need to fear. The cost of changed metals has not and will not be influenced by alchemy in a foreseeable future. Science still has a prolonged approach to go.


This essay was submitted by Joel Bauman, SchiffGold Precious Metals Specialist. Any views voiced are his possess and do not indispensably simulate a views of Peter Schiff or SchiffGold.

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