Can We Not, Florida? Idiotic Man Does Something Nasty On Construction Equipment

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As I’m certain many Floridians will tell you, they’re really no strangers to witnessing crazy things each day in a Sunshine State.

Once we suspicion you’ve seen each weird steer possible, something else even some-more unfortunate takes place there that you’d never design to see — like a male removing nasty with himself atop construction equipment. For whatever reason, this male motionless that a best approach to get his rocks off was to undress, stand a arm, and get true down to his unwashed business for everybody pushing along a Florida highway to see.

Yes, this exposed male is masturbating in a video below. Don’t ask me why. You’ve been warned.

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Well, that’s one intensely bizarre approach to pleasure yourself, though here’s a suspicion — maybe subsequent time try that in a remoteness of your possess home? Share if you’re constantly bewildered by all a idiocy Florida has to offer.