Canadian Interior Stylist Janette Ewen Shares Her Fall 2015 Design Tips

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As a Canadian interior stylist, Janette Ewen is famous for co-hosting a W Network module Inside The Box with Ty Pennington. Ewen, who focuses on affordable design, has also been a decider on Season 2 of From The Ground Up With Debbie Travis and is also a engineer behind a Dream Home during a National Home Show in Toronto. With Fall 2015 roughly here, Real Style held adult with this décor consultant about her favourite pattern tips and more.

Real Style: What is your favourite pattern tip to give to your clients?

Janette: we consider a many critical thing is to not take things too seriously. When we are stressed, or upset, all of that is going to go into a appetite of your room. Have things that have a blink in them, things in your home that will make we smile. Worry reduction about what other people consider and unequivocally pattern your space for yourself.


Real Style: How can décor addicts refurbish their homes on a bill for Fall 2015?

Janette: A good thought is to deposit in a can of bullion or rose bullion mist paint. We are saying so most rose bullion in a homes, and there are so many good mist paints that are authority formed that will give we a unequivocally good even look. Take aged tiny potion chachkas, or even an aged selected write and give it a good even cloak of mist paint. You can also take use some of your aged accessories in your home and mist them with metallics and gold. It will unequivocally comfortable it up. Switching adult your pillows is also so affordable. If we demeanour to fashion, we are unequivocally saying this kind of reversion to we like to call it a lux-hippie, so unequivocally complicated fabrics, abounding colours, a lot of brown-which works unequivocally good with a gold’s. By incorporating accessories, we are unequivocally going to supplement that brilliance and hardness though spending a lot of income during all.

When we are designing, so most of it comes down to percentages. It is roughly like a mathematical formula. If we are visually captivated to a block of artwork, write down a colours in it and how most commission of any and use that for your colour palette in your home; your room is going to demeanour great. Someone has roughly finished a work for you.

Real Style: What are a biggest seat trends for fall?

Janette: we consider we are saying a new look. we was only in Vancouver and we saw it in some seat stores and New York and we was saying it too. We have seen so most rustics, that a hipsters took over and afterwards a other side was a modern. We are saying a mix of things. Like complicated impression tables finished in a slate, we saw an extraordinary complicated lounger chair and it was lonesome in a sheepskin, that is kind of interesting. We are starting to see that blend, minimalist though healthy with a complicated touch. we consider this is unequivocally a instruction that complicated décor is going in.

Real Style: How can home accents be used to adorn a tiny space?

Janette: I adore tiny spaces! My biggest tip for smaller spaces is, stop saying it as a tiny space, and stop saying it as being limiting. we consider unequivocally mostly people consider they have to go complicated and white in a tiny space. If someone were to give we a Pianetere in Paris and it was 400 block feet, we would be so vehement to have it and soak adult that Parisian vibe and we might cover your walls with fabric, or fill your room with a draping that goes all around a whole room. You might have a harp in a corner; we would make it a lot some-more regretful and interesting. And all a remarkable we are in North America, you’re ostensible to keep in minimal. So we contend for tiny spaces, layering is better. Many times tiny spaces have high ceilings like city lofts. You can do fun things like wallpaper your ceiling. we like to put sculptures and singular equipment in a corners of rooms, maybe on a pedestal, since it rounds out a room. Just unequivocally supplement impression and don’t be fearful to incorporate things in your life into your tiny space. When we was in a tiny space, a lot of my florid heels that we wouldn’t wear that often, we would use as book ends. we had on my list a large play of all my jewelry. It is an engaging visual, so double avocation is also key.

Photos: Janette Ewen